Is an electric bike handy

Goodbye half-knowledge! We clear up the 5 most common myths about e-bikes

E-bikes: They are expensive, dangerous and primarily for retirees - no way! We clarify the 5 most common myths about the e-bike.

Myth 1: E-bikes are only used by the lazy

Only ride an e-bike Lazy ones? Quite the opposite: e-bike riding can pretty exhausting become. You have to pedal so that the motor supports you at all and that only works with pedelecs up to a speed of 25 km / h.

Did you also know that the average calorie consumption if you ride an e-bike for one hour, this is 300 kcal / h? With normal cycling, that's only 100 kcal more per hour. Not as big a difference as you thought, is it?

Everyone with an e-bike adjusts how much the motor supports, can also pretty sporty rides be made.

Myth 2: The e-bike is the preliminary stage to the rollator

E-bikes are only for pensioner? What a crap! That has changed a lot in the last few years.

Now it's mainly that Age group 30+ who uses e-bikes.

Because for the way to work or to Running errands, the electric bike is particularly practical.

For people who can no longer ride a conventional bicycle, the e-bike is certainly one great way to stay mobile.

Myth 3: Riding an e-bike is not environmentally friendly at all

It is often said that e-bikes are not environmentally friendly because of the manufacture of the bike and the lithium battery consume a lot of resources.

Basically: you ride the e-bike You are doing something good for the environment on a regular basis that you would otherwise have covered by car or public transport. If you drive one kilometer with the e-bike instead of the car, you will save around 150g of greenhouse emissions.

Myth 4: Riding an e-bike is dangerous

There are more and more e-bikes on the streets as well more and more accidents. Especially Senior drivers are often involved in accidents. Therefore, caution is advised: If you haven't ridden a bike for a long time, you should first get used to your e-bike slowly in order to avoid dangers.

Overall is But riding an e-bike is no more dangerous than a normal bike to drive and you should always pay attention to the motto “keep your eyes open in traffic” anyway.

Myth 5: E-bikes are too expensive

An e-bike is fast 3 times as expensive as a conventional bicycle. Prices of 3000 euros and more are not uncommon. But is so much money worthwhile for a little electricity on the bike?

Riding an e-bike makes everyday life easier and is environmentally friendly. In the long run, it's even cheaper than going by car or public transport.

Now until you are definitely armed if someone wants to tell you half-truths about the e-bike. If you would like to try out the prejudices for yourself, book a test ride on flexini and advice from a bicycle dealer you trust.

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