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The podcast from and with Splitter Verlag!
It dives with changing guests SplitterCast deep into the German comic scene. Glimpses behind the scenes, quarrels from everyday publishing, critical analyzes, storms of enthusiasm and total misses, must-read recommendations and digressions included.

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Episode 18 - Carsten and Stefan from the comic talk

What Will and Maischberger are for fans of politics, comic talk is for fans of comics! When Hella speaks shop with illustrious guests of the scene about the latest new releases, the Ninth Art becomes a moving image event - entertaining and informative. In this episode, Carsten, the cardinal himself, and editing maestro Stefan chat about the background of their show, about late strangers and cables in the last second and about their dearest wishes for the comic market.

Episode 17 - Micha from Manga Cult

Manga - the unknown being. At least until today! Because with Micha, the program manager of the fine publishing house Manga Cult, he explores SplitterCast Far Eastern climes to clarify once and for all what the fascination of comics from Japan lies in. Sounds like an unrealistic goal setting? It is. But it is definitely an informative conversation about the work behind the scenes at Manga Cult including numerous reading tips (also for Manga newbies) :-)

Episode 16 - Alfonz

Double guest power in the SplitterCast: the - the - that Alfonz with who - how - what Volker and Matthias, the makers of the popular comic magazine. How is an output created? How are the topics and authors found? What are the highs and lows of being a magazine publisher? And what actually is he correct article for Alfonz (the answer will surprise you)? You will learn that and much more in this episode! And of course and above all everywhere in the comic and magazine trade!


Episode 15 - Ingo Römling

From Victorian mystery to war of stars and continue to search for the Chronicles of the Universe: Few German comic artists are as successful internationally as Ingo Römling. in the SplitterCast the likeable Berliner by choice speaks about his way onto the French comic market and drawing on Excel tables. Also, it's about work Starwars and its secret design databases that the Empire is never allowed to know about. So Psst! and listen right away.

Episode 14 - Markus from the comic shop Escape from the world

The reopening of a comic book store is an event similar to the moon landing: risky, epoch-making and seldom, seldom, seldom. Comic and bookseller veteran Markus has this dream with his new shop Escape from the world met in Bochum, and we want to know everything about it! Why, why, why and why now ?! Think of this episode as an auditory visit to your favorite comic book store, including unsolicited reading recommendations and hearsay expertise.

Episode 13 - Emu from Bizzaroworldcomics

New year, new luck, and it starts with undiminished energy SplitterCast in its 13th episode: We pick up the thread where we left it and talk to Emu, the third man of the POW comic podcast triumvirate, about his comic portal Bizzaroworldcomics and why he accidentally always publishes the latest news there. In addition, it is about the situation of the international comic market (important important), Batman (also important) and the seduction of our listeners to consume comics (important anyway) and other things (less important).

Episode 12 - POW as a guest in the SplitterCast

The year is drawing to a close, and we are talking to two podcasters who are even more inclined to comics than we are: With Andreas and Mattes we have two thirds of the popular POW comic podcast as guests! (The third musketeer Emu is meanwhile in dad's paradise) In a relaxed and only minimally silly group it is about podcasting, about the past year in the comic scene and about who actually has the last word on comics. Spoiler: always the one who texts the description of the consequences.

Episode 11 - Comics at School

What's better than watching movies in school class? Reading comics in school class! He speaks to Stefan, a high school teacher from Austria SplitterCast about how everyone's favorite medium can be skillfully and profitably used in the classroom. Because teaching is in his blood and his likeable tongue is honey for the ears, we learn a lot of new things in passing, but of course Stefan also has a few hot reading tips in his satchel and even gets us an internship at Marvel.

Episode 10 - Comics scenarist Yann Krehl

Everyone loves comic adaptations of novels, of course. But how do you actually write something like that? Especially if you don't want to or can't draw it yourself? If anyone knows the answer, it's Yann Krehl, our guest in this episode of SplitterCast! Yann has already turned thousands of pages of novels, especially those by bestselling author Kai Meyer, into hundreds of comic pages and learned a thing or two in the process. For example the enormous importance of door hinges.
The Crown of Stars, The Dwarfs, Frostfire and The cloud people can be found right here in our webshop!

Episode 9 - Christian Endres from Panini Comics

The SplitterCast ventures into #Neuland: superhero comics! And if there is anyone who has accumulated an unnecessarily large amount of knowledge on this subject, it is author and Panini editor Christian Endres! Of Spiderman to Conan the barbarian, From Terry Pratchett to Charlotte Brontë, there is little that Christian is not familiar with or that he at least has an opinion about. And they are there for your ears here!

Episode 8 - Jurek Malottke / Metagrundierung

The expert we appointed for horror drawings is in the (haunted) house: Jurek Malottke! In this episode you will learn how to become an exceptional young talent in the German comic industry (spoiler: you have to be lucky), what it means to work with an international bestselling author (spoiler: it's like vacation) and why Prince Ironheart is the best of all comics (spoiler: it's not the drawings).

Episode 7 - Pippo from Free Comic Day and Writer & Reader

The gray eminence (or the busy little helper?) Of the free comic day visits the SplitterCast: Industry jack-of-all-trades Pippo, who worked for the Hamburg publishing house in his other life Writer & Reader Making coffee is a driving force behind the most popular German-language comic book event. In this episode you will find out everything about the loving handicraft at GCT, about publishing U-turns in terms of erotic / westerns as well as the status quo of Italian comics in Germany.


Episode 6 - André from TeamComicsfan86

When Comicpod meets Comictube! With Youtuber André from TeamComicsfan86, everything actually revolves around them Transformers, but in between we also talk about Transformers, Culture of criticism in social media, Transformerswho have favourited the love of the comic book shelf and horror comics for children and Transformers - and that at a crazy pace, for which we are grateful.

Episode 5 - Katrin Gal / radacs

The excitement is great, because this time we are welcoming a real comic artist to the SplitterCast: Katrin Gal aka radacs, the head and hands behind the sci-fi comic Radius! And we take advantage of this opportunity: worldbuilding, character design, artistic self-education, digital vs. traditional art, Starwars and Deus Ex are among other things our topics. Quite a lot Starwars, to be exact. Have fun!

BRAND NEW! Katrin Gal's brilliant webshop: https://www.radacsart.com/

You can also find them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radacs/

and on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rad_acs

Here you can take a look at radius throw: https://www.splitter-verlag.de/radius-bd-1.html

And here is Katrin's presentation on Digital Art: https://www.splitter-verlag.de/info/aktuelles/radius-digital-comic-art.html

Episode 4 - Aylin from the Splitter editorial team

The Erlangen Comic Salon Special! Since we cannot be at the festival booth in Bavaria, we sit in our Bielefeld office and talk wistfully with Splitter editor Aylin about the lost trade fair year. Also: will Aylin and Max manage to explain the splitter production plan in 5 minutes in such a way that our listeners understand it? And with which comic do you learn the most about bridge statics? The answers will surprise you!

HERE go to the digital comic parlor Erlangen.

And HERE for the presentation of our autumn program (in the traditional curtain).

SO it looks like PPM at our delivery.

Episode 3 - Marcel from Comic-Couch.de

Now it's getting critical: We talk to Marcel, the editor-in-chief of Comic couch and the Fantastic couch about comic criticism. What makes a good review? What is an absolute no-go, and how does Marcel's objective critic's heart weaken? Also in the luggage: life in various slices and everything that you have always been about Back to the Future wanted to know, but didn't dare to ask.

HERE it goes to the comic couch,

And HERE to the fantastic couch.

Marcel's review of Batman: Hush (the most batmanian Batman comic) is HERE.

And HERE do you find the said Back to the Future-Deepfake.

Episode 2 - Philipp von Nerds-gegen-Stephan.de

The second episode of the SplitterCast has a pop culture connoisseur as a guest: We talk to Philipp from the blog Nerds-gegen-Stephan.de. Philipp knows pretty much everything that is nerdy, and that's exactly what this episode is about. We range from media-theoretical reception mechanics to Beauty & The Nerd and leave nothing in between.

Philipps Podcast The nerdy trash talk is found HERE.

And HERE are The autumn lands, his novel-inspired role-play system (published by Torsten Low).


Episode 1 - Sandra from booknapping.de

In the first episode of the SplitterCast let's talk to Sandra, who runs the book and comic blog booknapping.de operates. It's about the love of comic reading and the comic book store and how you can make it easier for non-comic readers to get started in our favorite hobby. We're also putting some great titles on our reading lists and building a pinball extension.

The mentioned article from the Comixes you find HERE.

And HERE is the start of the series Universe of comics.

The podcast 3 women. n comics from Sandra, Ariane and Christin HERE.