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Kuta Punjabi German

Kuta Punjabi German: Kuta is a Punjabi word or expression and can be translated, among other things, with dog. The Punjabi word, the Punjabi expression, Kuta is usually written in the Gurmukhi script common in Punjab ਕੁੱਤਾ, in the Devanagari script common in large parts of northern India, in the scientific IAST transliteration with diacritical marks kutā. Punjabi or Punjabi Kuta therefore means dog.

Kuta Punjabi - German translation

Kuta is a term in the Punjabi language. Punjabi, also written Punjabi or Punjabi, is spoken in the Indian state of Punjab and therefore of course by all Punjabis. Punjabi developed from Sanskrit, is one of the 22 constitutional languages ​​of India, is the official language in the state of Punjab in north-west India. Punjabi literature has been around since the 12th century. Punjabi became the language of Sikhism and is therefore spoken by Sikhs all over the world. Punjabi is therefore also a religious language. Religious texts, mantras and songs in Punjab are assigned a certain sacredness. But this is about something more profane:

Punjabi Kuta, German translation dog

Kuta Punjabi - German dog

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Punjabi or Punjabi or Punjabi is an Indian language. India is the home of yoga. Here you will find a video on the topics of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, which doesn't have much to do with Kuta, but can be interesting.

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The Punjabi term dog can be translated into German with dog. Punjabi Kuta - German dog.