How to pronounce Depeche Mode

1The name Depeche Mode

The name Depeche Mode is borrowed from the title of a French fashion magazine and translates as «fashion innovations». The band members didn't know what it meant at the time, but they found the name cool and modern. That was in 1980. The roots of the band go back to 1976, when Martin Gore and Vince Clarke formed the band in their hometown of Basildon (UK)No romance in China founded. Later they called themselves Composition of sound. Incidentally, all Depeche Mode members as well as their co-founder Vince Clarke were born in Basildon.

2 Your greatest role models

Depeche Mode named the German band Kraftwerk as their greatest role models. A few years ago, however, they refused to let Kraftwerk play in their supporting program because only Ralf Hütter was there from their legendary original line-up in the seventies.

3Video shoot with error

During the video shoot for “Get The Balance Right”, the ill-informed director Alan Wilder thought the band was the singer. Because of this, Alan can be seen singing lip-synchronic in the opening scene to Dave's voice. Nobody dared to clear up the mistake.

4The beginnings were humble

The beginnings were modest: the production costs for the album "Speak & Spell", named after an electronic toy, amounted to 8,000 pounds. For their first appearance on the TV show "Top of the Pops", the boys and their equipment traveled by public transport.

5spicy song

The song "Only You" by the band Yazoo was first offered to Depeche Mode and rejected by the band. Spicy: this mega hit was written by Vince Clarke after his resignation and finally reached number 2 in the British charts in the Yazoo version published together with Allison Moyet. In 1983 the Flying Pickets covered the song and reached number 1 in Great Britain.

6 Covered by Johnny Cash

According to Martin Gore, the song "Personal Jesus" is about the relationship between Elvis and Priscilla Presley; Martin Gore was inspired by her autobiography "Elvis and me". The song was later covered by country star Johnny Cash. He hadn't asked the band for permission to do so. "A legend like him needn't do that either," said Dave Gahan when he heard about it. "We are honored."

7A harmonium version

The Depeche Mode hit “Enjoy The Silence” (1990) was only available in a much slower version with Martin Gore, who sang to a harmonium. Alan Wilder then had the idea to make the song faster. It became her biggest hit in the nineties. The harmonium version was also released.

8 Shooting in Switzerland

In the video clip for “Enjoy the Silence” by Anton Corbijn, Dave Gahan walks through the mountains with a king's coat, crown and deck chair. While filming in Switzerland, Dave caught a cold, left the set and was therefore doubled in the last scene by video producer Richard Bell.

9Cover with hidden clues

On the cover of their single "I Feel You" from 1993 there are references to the birth dates of the four band members at the time, Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Alan Wilder and Andy Fletcher.

How they managed to stay together for so many years

In an interview, Depeche Mode revealed how they managed to stay together for so many years: "After a tour we break up and hardly speak to each other - sometimes not for four to six months."