Downtown Cancun is well worth a visit

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Best times to visit

If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of vacation and high prices, visit Cancun from May to November, especially September and October. However, these are also the rainiest months. If you'd prefer to escape the cold winter to relax in the sun, book your trip in December or January, the high season in Cancun.

Passport / Visa

Citizens of all European countries, the USA, New Zealand, Japan, South America, South Korea and other countries can visit Mexico for up to 180 days without a visa. If you are unsure whether you need to apply for a visa, we recommend that you contact your country's embassy or consulate. All visitors traveling to Mexico who have a distance of more than 20 kilometers and stay longer than 72 hours must receive the Forma Migratoria Múltiple, which must be presented at the country's checkpoints.

Cancun International Airport

Cancún Airport International (CUN) is the fourth largest airport in Latin America. The Hotel Cancún-Chetuma is located outside the city of Cancún on KM 22 of the motorway. The approximate transfer time to Cancun City or the Hotel Zone is 20 to 30 minutes. Buses, shuttles, private transfers, VIP vehicles and limousines are available for collection. Each terminal has a designated taxi service. A public, modern, air-conditioned bus service to Cancun's central bus station is available in front of Terminal 2.

Local public transport

Cancun's central bus station is located on the corner of Avenidas Tulum and Uxmal and has excellent and regular connections to most tourist destinations. A regular shuttle service to Playa del Carmen runs every 15 to 30 minutes. The frequent local bus service between the hotel zone and the city center (buses R-1 or R-2) is quite efficient and runs around the clock. Buses hold hands and often leave before everyone is seated. Bus stops are marked with a blue and black sign with a picture of a bus on it. You can buy tickets on board, but don't forget to check your connection before taking a seat.


Taxis are a common form of transport in Cancun and Mexico. Despite warnings to agree on a price before boarding, you should know that all taxi drivers belong to a consortium and that there is an official fixed price list that is divided into different zones that all taxi drivers have to carry (also available in all hotels). Taxis in the hotel zone are more expensive than the city center and a standing taxi always costs a little more than the one that drives to the side of the road. An alternative is the Cancun Cab, which serves across Cancun.


The postal service in Mexico is very slow and often not very reliable. Sending important or valuable material is usually safer with the courier company. Cancun's main post office is located in the city center, where postage stamps or postcards can be found. Mailboxes are red and easy to spot.


There are two types of pharmacies in Mexico, the regular Farmacia and the Farmacia Similares. The former sells well-known branded drugs, while the latter offers cheaper, unlabeled drugs. Prescriptions are generally not required for anything, and most medications are widely available. You can find a farmacia in almost every corner of downtown Cancun. Several are located in the hotel zone. Many farmacias are open 24/7 and also offer a delivery service for a small additional charge.