Why is my period early on Clomid

What effects does clomiphene have in pregnancy?

"We have had a desire to have children for a year. And now the time has come - I'm pregnant! Unfortunately, one thing happened that worries me very much! Since I got my period very irregularly after stopping the pill and the time at which it happened Ovulation was practically undefinable, we decided with my gynecologist to use clomiphene to trigger ovulation in a targeted manner.

The following happened: On the 19th day of my cycle I was at the gynecologist and he gave me the prescription for clomiphene with the instruction to wait for my period and then to use clomiphene. 5 days later I got my period, but in a very weakened form, and then started using clomiphene. As discussed with the doctor, I made an appointment - around the time of induced ovulation. The doctor examined me with the vaginal ultrasound and found that I was pregnant. A pregnancy test was also taken, which was positive. It is now clear that I was already taking clomiphene when I was pregnant. About 3 weeks after fertilization. The package insert states that you should never take clomiphene during pregnancy. My doctor said that the time of ingestion coincided with the time of the "all or nothing principle" and was therefore not a problem. But I know that people only talk about the "all or nothing principle" in the first 2 weeks after fertilization and I took the drug in the third week. What can you tell us about that? Is there a risk of miscarriage or deformity? "

Answer: "I think I can reassure you. Like you, I see that the all-or-nothing principle does not apply in your case. I assume you started clomiphene on day 5 of your cycle and took it for 5 days. The all-or-nothing principle applies until day 13 after ovulation. The use of clomiphene is therefore outside of the principle.

However, many studies, which now include several thousand pregnancies, have not revealed any suspicion of damage from clomiphene (it was once suspected of causing neural tube defects).

Since a very small residual risk cannot be ruled out, it is of course not advisable to take it consciously during pregnancy. But I think that you can rest assured and enjoy your pregnancy in peace. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary worries, especially in the first 12 weeks!

Ute Lichte, pharmacist