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Regardless of whether it's stars and starlets like Justin Bieber or Lukas Podolski, or the girl next door - they all take the photos of themselves. But why actually? And what do selfies reveal about you?

Selfie - the modern self-portrait

People have loved to take pictures of themselves for as long as there have been. Homer, the first poet of the West, knew as early as 850 BC. Chr .: "No being is as vain [...] as humans." The difference to today's trend, however, is that these pictures are no longer called "self-portraits" or "self-portraits", but rather "selfies". And they are no longer painted or made with a camera, but with a smartphone. What used to sometimes take weeks - painting such a self-portrait takes time - now happens within seconds.

Put it in a good light

But what happens to the good old photographers when everyone takes photos of themselves? And why do you actually photograph yourself? Don't the pictures get much nicer when someone else shoots them from a long distance? After all, arm-length spacing isn't always flattering. If the face z. B. is too close to the lens, you get a big nose in the picture. If you hold the camera too far down, you can quickly get a double chin. The reason selfies are so popular is that you have everything in your own hands. If you don't find yourself so beautiful in a photo, you delete it and take pictures of yourself until you are satisfied. And you don't have to worry about a stressed photographer who constantly looks at his watch because he has another appointment or endures the annoyed eye rolling of your best friend who doesn't feel like taking any more photos.

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done

But why actually?

Do you just take selfies so you can later show your great grandchildren what you looked like when you were young? Do you keep these photos in a secret folder on your PC or in a photo album? Or do you present the photos to your friends on Facebook and Instagram?
Everyone wants their photos to look good on Facebook and other social networks, of course. And everyone is happy about the attention of nice people around them and wants to know how you affect them or what they think of you. So you post a photo of yourself and wait to see how people react to it. Let's be honest, who isn't happy about likes and nice comments about their looks? This is exactly the secret of the selfie trend! With the modern self-portraits, people try to find out how others find them and get a good mood through the many nice comments under the photos.

That's what selfies reveal

The advantage of a selfie, of course, is that you can take it quickly and share it with your friends quickly. But what do selfies tell us about us if we're not careful?

Selfies on vacation

You are on vacation with your family and want to share your experiences with the public. Your friends are very happy that they can see you on Facebook as you stand in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Spanish Steps. But now many others also know that you are on vacation with your family. Burglars are particularly happy to be informed that no one is at home.

Selfies for advertising

Everyone thinks your cat is so cute. So you take a great selfie with her, which you post on a social network. For the next few weeks, cat food advertisements will follow you on every website you visit. Because now not only your friends know that you have a cat, but also a lot of companies and companies, and it is the same with certain items of clothing. Do you like to wear hats on your selfies? Now the advertising industry, which is currently investing a lot of money in the technology of photo analysis, also knows, and caps are suggested to you on the Internet again and again.

Selfies for self-confidence

In psychology and media research, the assumption is that someone who spreads selfies around the world a lot is usually not particularly confident and self-assured. With the photos, the person seeks confirmation from others in order to feel a little better. If, on the other hand, you have no problem with posting a photo on the Internet that he or she does not look so beautiful, you are demonstrating a lot of self-confidence and self-confidence.

Selfies for beauty

And of course, selfies reveal how the person in the picture thinks they are most beautiful. It doesn’t help, like “But now you are exaggerating” on the comment “Wow, how beautiful you are!”. If someone wears a sweater with stars on a selfie, then he or she thinks that this sweater is particularly beautiful. And when someone in a selfie, strokes their hair from their face with one hand and purses their lips, then he or she thinks this pose is great. There is nothing to be shaken about.

We are interested in your opinion on selfies and we look forward to a lot of comments under our article. And of course we want a lot of likes for this article. After all, we also need a little self-affirmation every now and then :-).

Cover picture: © Anna Demjanenko / shutterstock.com

More pictures: Selfie boy © MJTH / shutterstock.com; Selfie girl
© Eugenio Marongiu / shutterstock.com

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