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Saigon in Mannheim
Ostfildern, March 2011. The editors of the Varta Guide select the hotel or restaurant of the week on their website The selection is based on current test results of our experts. The mention in the Varta guide depends solely on the performance of the companies. Varta diamonds and Varta tips for a special ambience, first-class cuisine or attentive service are awarded.


The completely uncomplicated, modern, purist restaurant at the Mannheimer Kunstverein has long been very popular. Here he succeeds in the balancing act that many Asian restaurants strive for and yet seldom achieved, of conveying a healthy mixture of Far Eastern culinary art and lifestyle to the guest.

Behind the large panoramic windows, the tables are simply laid with bright table runners and cloth napkins. You can sit comfortably on the black leather benches and chairs. Tapestries, bamboo arrangements and superfluous decorative kitsch were dispensed with in favor of discreetly placed flower arrangements, modern art and appealing light accents. This opens up a pleasant atmosphere and a neat, clearly designed ambience to the guest.

Of course, “Saigon” does not celebrate upscale gastronomy for gourmets, but rather authentic Vietnamese cuisine with fresh products. Not everything makes the guest applaud loudly, but we can certainly attest a very solid basic level to the kitchen team.

We started with a traditional Saigon-style beef soup with rice noodles, soy sprouts, thinly sliced ​​beef and various herbs. The excellent interplay of the spices star anise, cinnamon, ginger and the Asian basil is a small culinary experience. As an intermediate course, we can unreservedly recommend the crispy fried strudel dumplings - filled with shrimp, pork and onions. If you enjoy fresh herbs and crunchy vegetables, you should order Mì xào dòn with the main course. Behind it you hide fried vegetables with shrimp, squid, chicken breast fillet and crispy noodles. For the sweet finale, we liked the delicious Vietnamese-style steamed cakes with La Dua (colored and scented leaves) and pearl sago in coconut cream. But classics such as fried banana or rambutan with plum wine cannot be missed on the dessert menu.

In addition to the tasty cuisine, the friendly service is also impressive. In any case, the boss deserves a big extra praise. The passionate hostess Ms. Phuong Thao Do can be felt during the entire stay. She explains the menu with great joy, dedication and perseverance, provides information about customs from her Far Eastern homeland or gives a spontaneous crash course on how to use chopsticks correctly. The very respectable selection of wines tends to take a back seat here, as the experienced visitor of Asian restaurants prefers to order a freshly brewed jasmine tea with his meal anyway.

Restaurant "Saigon"
Augusta enclosure 54-56
68165 Mannheim
Tel. (0621) 14604
Fax: (0621) 23156

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