How do I tag videos on Instagram

Instagram tests tagging in videos

Tagging friends or followers in general is part of everyday life in social media. However, so far, Instagram has only been able to tag images and stories. But as has now been confirmed, the marking of people in videos is currently being tested. Similar to shopping in stories, this could be a test run for shoppable videos.

Tagging is tested: a list of names

TechCrunch's Sarah Perez reports on the test that Instagram has confirmed to the publisher.

We're always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love,

says a company spokesman. Tagging was in with the Instagrammercablegirlsrd noticed.

In contrast to marking people in pictures, clicking on the button at the bottom left of the picture does not place a list as an overlay over the content. Instead, a list of the marked people appears. This list includes everyone in the video; or those that the user would like to notify.

So far, marking in the videos is only being tested for mobile, not for desktop. Instagram has also indicated that only a small percentage of users are involved in the test. Those who have not been included by the platform cannot understand this test themselves.

Video relevance is increasing: shoppable videos are just a matter of time?

At least since the launch of IGTV, it has been clear that Instagram also wants to play a leading role in the moving image sector in social media; and possibly will. Tagging people in videos is just a logical step. After all, users usually enjoy such features, which in turn should lead to more engagement and length of stay.

Apart from that, the function could also be viewed as a kind of test field for shoppable videos. With Instagram Shopping, the platform has already given the stories a kind of shop window character.

But, as Perez also notes, videos that are tagged with products would be a great marketing option in the long run. Influencers would have extensive opportunities to advertise products in relevant moving image content, while they can be tagged directly. So that fans can access it immediately and buy it.

So the option of tagging in videos is sure to come. It remains to be seen whether only for people or also for products. An instrumentalization of the function for shoppable videos seems only logical.

The provider Smartzer, for example, had already presented similar shoppable videos as an advertising option on Instagram and Facebook in March of this year.