Are throwing stars a legitimate defense weapon

Gun specialist advises against the small gun license

Michaela-Rosa Oppel in Arnstein has all kinds of legal sporting and hunting weapons: rifles and pistols, bows and arrows, crossbows, knives, swords, as well as all sorts of things to do with outdoor and hunting. For firearms, of course, she has gun cabinets with a combination lock. "I have nothing illegal," emphasizes the weapons and self-defense specialist. You can't get a Kalashnikov in her 500 square meter CMO arms shop. But if you are allowed to, you can buy a revolver like Dirty Harry's from her. But not everyone is allowed to do everything.

In the morning someone wanted to buy ammunition from her, she says. When Oppel then wanted to see his gun ownership card, he had become a bit slovenly and, allegedly for data protection reasons, refused to show his gun license. "I have an obligation to look into it," she says. He always maintained ammunition elsewhere. But Oppel is convinced: "He doesn't even have a gun license."

The German gun law is not easy

As the operator of an arms business, you must of course strictly adhere to the German arms law and, for example, keep meticulous records of the purchase and sale of firearms. The control authority is the district office. But the weapons law does not find them necessarily logical - for example, it is forbidden to carry fixed knives with a blade length of over twelve centimeters with you, while a machete with a much larger blade is a gardening tool. People who buy guns could do a lot wrong because the law is constantly changing. As a professional woman with a gun shop, she naturally recommends competent advice instead of buying guns on the Internet.

The internet is also a hot topic for the 56-year-old, who originally comes from Th├╝ngersheim. Like other shop owners, she has also seen customers seek advice from her but buy online. Some would also have bought cheaply on the Internet and then wondered why the weapon or ammunition was no good. She knows, for example, that an ammunition manufacturer is known for only filling its cartridges halfway.

She advises against the small gun license

You have not felt that recently, allegedly more and more small gun licenses, which entitle you to carry, i.e. not just to possess, alarm weapons have been applied for. She blames the internet. She also advises against the small gun license, "because the risk of confusion with a sharp weapon is too great". If a burglar or the police see themselves threatened by such a weapon, this could be a fatal mistake.

In addition, a blank gun does not do much except a deceptively real bang. Oppel: "Every ten euro pepper spray can do more than the weapon." But of course she also has alarm weapons on offer as well as pepper sprays, stun guns and powerfully blinding flashlights for self-defense.

Throwing stars, butterfly knives and choking sticks are what she doesn't even have in her range, because it used to be common in school playgrounds, but is illegal nowadays - even if she is convinced that most people pick themselves up when handling nunchakus, as chokes are also called hit the head.

Business in Arnstein since 2007

She has had the office building in the Arnstein industrial park since October 2007 and lives there too. Before that, she had been selling weapons such as knives and swords in Hammelburg since 2000. However, she has only had weapons requiring a license since 2015. Arnstein has chosen her location because it is centrally located between W├╝rzburg, Hammelburg, Schweinfurt and Karlstadt. Her customers are mostly shooting clubs, sport shooters, hunters and those interested in shooting sports.

Michaela-Rosa Oppel came to arms through the martial arts. The tall woman who has two grown children is a kung fu master and also offers courses. She is currently writing a textbook on a type of Kung Fu she has developed. Later, the former securities and insurance clerk, contract soldier, tour guide and freelance journalist came to archery and knife throwing and from then on concentrated on the outdoor, self-defense and weapons sector. In 2014 she attended the weapons school in Suhl.

You can see them with their mobile archery range at markets and festivals. In addition to archery courses, it also offers courses for target shooting. But that's not all: two years ago, in addition to the Arnstein shooting club, she founded a private shooting club for shooting with firearms requiring a license. "It is not the weapon that is evil, but the person," she says.

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