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ATM - [1] Asynchronous transfer mode - mostly used synonymously for computer network with packet switching of the same name; has variable / dynamic "transmission speed" on the same medium through different cell spacings at the same bit rate, ie as long as free network bandwidth is available, a transmitter can transfer cells (or packets with a fixed size of 53 octets with 48 octets of user data) to the ATM as required Send working network (in Germany, within the framework of B-ISDN, connection-oriented with 35MBit / s MANs, generally with bandwidths from 2MBit / s to 2048MBit / s)

ATM - [2] Automatic Teller Machine (in banking)

ATM - [3] Analog trunk modules

ATM - [4] Advanced Testing Methods (ETSI technical committee)

ATM - [5] Abstract Test Method (ISO9646-1) (-> "VERA [1]")

ATM - [6] in the Apple / Macintosh area: Adobe Type Manager (Fonts)

ATM - [7] Amateur Telescope Maker (see http://www.astromart.com/atm.html) {Astronomy}

ATM - [8] Apollo Telescope Mount - solar observatory at Skylab {astronomy}

ATM - [9] Another Terrible Mistake (as an alias to ATM [1] 8-)

ATM - [10] Adobe Type Manager (-> "VERA [1]")

ATM - [11] Altamira, Brazil - international Airport IATATLA {Aviation}

AtM - Distribution sleeve

ATM-CC - ATM [1] CrossConnect

ATMARP - Asynchronous Transfer Mode Address Resolution Protocol - Mapping of IP addresses to ATM addresses

ATMC - ATM [1] Test and Management Center of GMDFOKUShttp: //mimosa.fokus.gmd.de/

ATMD - Area Tactical Marketing Director

ATMOS - Atmospheric Trace Molecule Spectroscopy

ATMP - Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol (RFC2107)

ATMR - Advanced Technology Medium Range Transport (-> "IEEE Standard Dictionary")

ATMS - [1] Assumption based Truth Maintenance System (AI [1]) - Assumption based truth finding system {KI}

ATMS - [2] Automated Trunk Measurement System

ATMX - Asynchronous transfer mode eXchange - ATM switch

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