What is the central XML support in Java

Java and XML

The manual "Java and XML". What experts think:

“I use the manual“ Java and XML ”for my course. It contains all the necessary information. "
Dipl.-Inf. Alfred Linder, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

»The RRZN publication› Java and XML ‹presents many open source tools for the validation and processing of XML documents. The use of Java with XML is clearly shown with many examples. The book offers a good introduction to this topic and is recommended for relevant courses, etc. «
Dipl.-Inf. Bernadette Schlonsok, HRZ, University of Dortmund

»This publication is a great introduction to the subject. It presents the connections briefly and concisely. "
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Felizitas Heinebrodt, RZ of the Nuremberg University of Applied Sciences

"1. The introduction to XML (Chapter 2) is very good and pleasantly short.
2. Chapter 3 could be used in a different context.
3. Chapter 4 provides a very good overview of the tools for XML processing with Java.
4. Chapters 5 to 8 describe the relevant special topics very nicely.
Overall, this work provides a good introduction to the subject. Thus, this document is well suited as a basis and introduction to processing XML by Java and can be used in training. «
Dipl.-Inform. Alfred Linder, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences

»I think the magazine is very well written and easy to understand.
However, I miss two important chapters that, in my opinion, should not be missing in any book entitled “Java and XML”. On the one hand, a chapter about JDOM should be added and also a chapter about data binding (e.g. with CASTOR). Because this is exactly what makes the collaboration between XML and Java really easy and convenient. "
Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Faulenbach, Institute for Theoretical Geodesy

“The authors have understood perfectly how to choose the material correctly; The necessary explanations are given in a concise but understandable manner and illustrated by examples. Wherever the abundance of options or the scope of material goes beyond an introduction, you will find current links to websites that will help you.
It is also very welcome that the authors limit themselves to software that is platform-independent freeware that can be downloaded from the links provided; some of the programs discussed are already included in larger Linux distributions (e.g. SuSE 9.0 professional). There are also some references to commercial packages. ...
Overall, the brochure makes a very good impression. However, it is not aimed at a complete beginner, but at someone who has mastered both XML basics and Java programming. This note in the introduction should also be taken seriously. For those who meet these requirements, however, the work is a very useful tool to familiarize themselves with the rather complex subject of the automated generation of documents with XML and Java - and that is state-of-the-art. "
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Lachenmayr, FB Wood Technology, FH Rosenheim