Which number is greater in the natural number

Compare natural numbers

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Natural numbers can be compared with one another: A natural number is either less than, equal or greater than another natural number.

We can see from the numbers themselves how big they are and which, for example, is larger. Or we use a number line to help us enter and read the numbers there. The further to the right the number is on the number line, the larger it is.

For example:

  • She is bigger than that.
  • She is smaller than that.
  • She is same size as that.

Comparison sign

For greater, less and equal there are signs, so-called comparison signs. With them we can write down comparisons more briefly:

Greater than sign

Means: "40 greater than 36."

Less than sign

Means: "40 less than 44."

Equal sign

Means: "40 is the same as 40."

Let's remember the three characters:

The three main comparison symbols are:

Greater than sign

Less than sign

Equal sign

Examples of comparing numbers

Let's compare a few numbers with each other and use the comparison symbols:

  • means "5 greater than 1"
  • means "7 less than 12"
  • means "25 greater than 10"
  • means "50 equals 50"
  • means "50 less than 100"
  • means "100 less than 50"
  • means "1,000 greater than 100"
  • means "1 000 000 greater than 100"
  • means "456 789 less than 456 999"