Can psychiatric labels cause existential depression?

Widespread Disease Depression?

Depression is of growing social concern. In the industrialized countries they are becoming one of the main problems, both because of their prevalence, their individual and economic consequences, as well as because of insufficient and incorrect supply, which is proven in ever new studies. Politicians and the health care system are called upon to develop comprehensive strategies to improve care for those already affected and to develop prevention and health promotion. This also requires an analysis of the socio-economic and cultural background.

This book provides the current epidemiological, health economic and social background and context knowledge. It describes the German reality of care, analyzes social backgrounds and illuminates the connection between depressive illness and factors such as gender, age, comorbidity and unemployment. Possible interventions in health promotion, prevention, health care and rehabilitation are presented, the ethical context and existing opportunities are discussed.

The book is aimed at scientists and practitioners from the fields of medicine, public health, psychology and social sciences, political decision-makers and, last but not least, interested citizens.


Depression Epidemiology Early Detection Promotion Health Health Promotion Health Care Comorbidity Prevention Psychology Psychotropic Drugs Public Health Suicidality Widespread Disease Public Health
  • Gabriela Stoppe
  • Anke Bramesfeld
  • Friedrich-Wilhelm Schwartz
  1. 1.University Psychiatric Clinics, Basel, Switzerland
  2. 2. Department of Epidemiology, Social Medicine and Health System Research, Medical University of Hanover, Hanover

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