How did you get from the island

One woman from our group is dissatisfied: She also wants to go hunting. The hunting officer does not let them, however, he always selects only men because he is of the opinion that they are better suited. It is discussed whether the hunting officer in his group of nine must always have at least three women with him if they are equally qualified. The discussion is heated.

Another man complained: he gets a lot less of the food rations than everyone else, and he has the smallest hut. He and his pregnant wife cannot feed themselves and their child on the ration he gets for his work as a campfire watchdog (we agreed beforehand that only those who contribute something get food). He requests that a minimum of food be given to everyone, more than he is getting now. Others argue that then no one would work and the whole community would soon run out of food. The discussion is heated.

One island away, another plane crashed a week ago. Ten people survived there, one swam over to us. He asks whether we can help him and whether the other nine can come too - because no fruit grows on their island and the water is not clean either. Some would like to give the man custody, others strictly defend themselves, arguing that we don't have enough for ourselves. The discussion is heated.

Anyone reading this has probably already formed an opinion on these three problems. And it will only surprise a few if I say at this point that these things are absolutely real and are being discussed in one way or another in our society.