How much does a single lens reflex camera cost

How much does a good digital camera cost? Price estimation

How much a good digital camera costs is often a matter of opinion. However, if you are about to buy a new model and cannot estimate the prices well, we will help you here.

How much does a good digital camera cost? - An overview of the model variants

There are also good digital cameras for those on a tight budget. Nevertheless, you should first be clear about which model variant you prefer: You can mainly choose from Spiegelrelfex and compact cameras.

How much does a good SLR camera cost?

Good SLR cameras are available from around 350 euros. The largest providers of digital single-lens reflex cameras - also known as DSLRs - include Sony, Canon, Nikon and Pentax. Good models are, for example, the Canon EOS 1200D for around 360 euros and the Sony SLT-A58K (around 350 euros). It is best to rely on branded goods and thoroughly inform yourself through product tests and evaluations before buying. The following list shows you when a DSLR is particularly suitable for you.

  • In contrast to a compact camera, a good reflex camera is significantly more expensive.
  • They are especially suitable if you want flexibility and expandability.
  • If you want a practically infinite number of setting options and subsequent image processing is not a challenge for you, it is best to use the Spiegelrelfex camera.

What are the prices of a good compact camera?

You can find good compact cameras for as little as 150 euros. The most popular brands include Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Don't just go shopping, make sure that the product has good customer ratings before you buy. Current models with a very good price / performance ratio are, for example, the Nikon Coolpix S7000 (approx. 160 euros) or the Sony DSC-WX220 for approx. 150 euros. In order to make it easier for you to decide between SLR and compact cameras, we have summarized the properties of a compact camera in the following list.

  • In contrast to reflex cameras, compact cameras are significantly cheaper.
  • Due to their small design, they are very mobile - so you can stow them away easily when traveling.
  • You do not need any prior technical knowledge to operate a compact camera. You can start taking photos right away.

If you need help choosing a suitable camera, this is the best place to look around. Current trends and news on the subject of digital cameras can be found in this overview.