Are these motivational videos illegal on YouTube?

Upload Youtube movie scenes Yes or No?

Hello GamHacker0043,

Making a work of art publicly accessible on the Internet without the express permission of its author or other rights holder is clearly illegal. (UrhG §12, §15, §19a)

If you do something like this, it won't be directly prosecuted. (§106 UrhG does exist, but I've never read about it actually being used)

But what can happen is that the rights holder (author, musician, film studio) discovers your illegally uploaded video and sends you a warning. You then have to pay substantial compensation.

In the English-speaking world, copyright violations are viewed a little more loosely because Anglo-Saxon law does not recognize the legal remedy of a warning. There rights holders who want to take action against such videos would have to file a lawsuit and make advance payments with their legal fees.

In the German legal area, I would think twice about such uploads.

Youtube has contracts with some film studios so that their film excerpts can be shown on Youtube. (Against payment) It is not known which studios and which films these are, because the contracts are not public. Just because a video has not (yet) been discovered by the rights holder, one cannot assume that it was allowed to be uploaded.

Otherwise I have to agree with AlexBeck: Especially on the Internet: Just because everyone does something doesn't make it legal. If you are prosecuted for it, no one will care whether others do the same or not.