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Difference between application science and business
Application in science and business

What happens after the application documents have been submitted?

Overall, there are a number of procedural differences between applications in business and science. While companies are usually interested in filling vacancies relatively quickly, the mills in the public sector work more slowly. In particular, after professorships are advertised, it can take one to two years to commence employment, but the personal assessment of the individual applicants takes the least time: In contrast to companies, the appointment committee is often sufficient to present the candidates once at the University to get an idea. Incidentally, the travel expenses incurred on the occasion of job interviews and appointment presentations are rarely reimbursed by universities, whereas this is a given in business.

In many companies, it is considered positive to call again after the interview and, for example, to inquire about the status of the procedure. However, this practice is generally uncommon in universities and colleges; Especially in the context of university appointment procedures, it is considered inappropriate and downright intrusive - so caution is advisable here. Differentiated feedback on one's own appearance, from which it can be seen why the application did not work out in this case, is unfortunately still an exception in large parts of the economy as well as in science.