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Anthos: Journal of Landscape Architecture = Une revue pour le paysage


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2 1 I M / miti ^ ^. Without diligence - good price '_! \ M ^ l Wl /; 4 / '/ # l> W for Hauenstein container plants. Well, to be honest, of course you can't do without work: you still have to sell it. Besides, you really have a lot, a lot less work with it. No knocking in, no turning, and above all: no risk. And your customers will appreciate the advantages of “Planta-Pot” container plants and don't just buy now, but all year round (because it is always planting time for container plants), ask for our interesting offers. SB c - s »m TREE SCHOOLS-ROSENKULTUREN Hauenstein AG, 8197 Rafz 7k phone k \ A» (fù \ ^ Y% »# Va 'S. best soil and plant food garden blessing C HATO Ha RAS Ha-BEE Ha-ROS the ideal complete fertilizer organic-based plant fertilizer HATC HATO C for chrysanthemum HATO HAT. for rhododendron green) Pot for lawn care, the tried and tested lawn fertilizer «NETRIL» best reaction fertilizer factory Hauert & Co .. Grossaffoltern, phone 032 / A s V PEPINIERISTES - PAYSAGISTES 1211 GENEVE 19 TELEPHONE 022) We offer you our Trumpfe VA î plants that you love First-class quality Advantageous prices se Fast and neat shipping

3 'C "» - ».« *!' YLt * - - # »« 'NEW k> .z DTV l Visit our stand at the 6th Swiss Exhibition for Horticulture and Fruit Growing öga 70 Sector of tillage machines in Oeschberg BE 0T ahhann The small tandem vibratory roller with center-point steering Center-point steering: The roller can be used both for compaction work and for rolling off fine decking, right down to the smallest curve radii. Sidewalks, forecourt and garage driveways, narrow side streets. The vibration switches off and on again automatically when the vehicle is stationary and when reversing: No bumps and troughs when vibrating base and surface courses. Examples of use: All smaller compaction work with vibration: rolling of surfaces with or without vibration ; Repair work (frost damage!); Garden design. DTV-12 weight 850 kg roller body e motor 8 HP 480 \ 700mm DTV-22 weight 2000 kg motor 14 HP roller body x 980 mm DTV-42 weight 4400 kg motor 28 HP roller body a 930 x1230 mm AM MAN N-vibration rollers DTV - the modern conception: drive and vibration on both roller bodies - center-articulated steering - one roller side free. The vibration rollers for universal use, s 1070 AMMANN -fefri U. AMMANN Maschinenfabrik AG 4900 Langenthai 0 063 /

4 LONZA V <37 A new fertilizer for horticulture Rica sol. Storage fertilizer, 2.5 mg + micronutrients i tr- fi * _ * »S ^ Hlfc & <* m *** *. ' fc m ^ .VF ^ yr m. * WASHED CONCRETE SLABS best quality because of their beauty, increasingly used as paving slabs, terrace coverings, wall and facade cladding, stairs, etc. We also deliver: garden slabs, shelves, berry posts, compost bins and a large number of other garden items. Ask for our offer. Our experts are at your disposal without obligation. K. Studer Kunststein- und Zementwarenfabrik Inh. Huber, Erb & Co., 5262 Frick AG Telephone 064 / or c The well-proven Ricasol fertilizer range (Ricasol, Ricasol, 3.4 Mg. 0.34 B, Ricasol), The new Ricasol storage fertilizer for horticulture has grown. What's new about Ricasol storage fertilizer? # With each nutrient several forms, therefore quick and extended effect with a single fertilizer. # Its high content of macronutrients (total 42.5%) and micronutrients in an adapted ratio. Its ideal nutrient ratio N: P: K - 1: 0.6: 0.8, i.e. nitrogen and potash, exactly as it should be. # Its reliable effect, no damage from increased salt concentration when used properly. # Modern, labor-saving, granular (versatile uses) and, above all, inexpensive! Ask for the new prospectus. Ricasol storage fertilizer is available from the relevant specialist dealers. Advantages that we offer You can obtain flowering perennials from us from a rich assortment, in large quantities, cultivated in pots (8-14 cm). We cultivate ground cover plants of known quality in the usual species, for example cotoneasters, etc. Cultivation contracts for flowering perennials, ornamental grasses, ground cover plants, small shrubs and dwarf cones are advantageous. If you have larger plants in the planning stage and you intend to use very specific plants, secure them for yourself with a cultivation contract on the desired date.You save yourself the laborious search (for larger quantities), do not have to use substitute varieties and whatever else the important thing is that you save money. Ask your colleagues how satisfied they are with the plants from our cultures or visit us without obligation. LONZA Schwitter Perennials + Small Trees 6010 Kriens Cfi

5 ^ s. ^ x ^ Roof gardens and garden terraces with the new VETROFLEX felt FT glass fiber felt: inorganic, rot-proof. Prevents the humus layer from being washed out. Ideally regulates water drainage. 5 '/ A ~. -_- ,; -1 4 m isisi5u ~ isisins. 3 uu / smszstsm & C & (D c> 0c.acp / 700 2 <3_j ^ ö ^^ g_50o «« Si aoooqoqgooöqc f »-« .- *. <«K ** _ * ^ Ui w # (1) concrete, waterproof, with drains (2) scree, 15-25cm (3) VETROFLEX-Felt FT: regulates water drainage and prevents washout \ * VETROFLEX approx m2 garden terrace above the parking lot of the Bern train station; made with VETROFLEX-FELT FT.Request a special brochure or a visit of the specialist. \ DJ peat mull 5 cm humus depending on the planting FIBRES DE VERRE SA, Lausanne, Tel. 021 / GLASFASERN AG, Zurich sales office, Tel. 051/271715

6 CORBETON RASENSTEIN Q garden lamp no%, _fe 'X *;' _ & U DD weif ... Fun Qe ~ ror »- \ * / A. =. Z54Z PIETERLEN / _: _. o Pieterlen plant _ * 032 / Grenchen plant _ * 065 / garden lights guide your guests safely to the house even at night; If arranged correctly, they will give the garden a different, new note, bring out flowerbeds, emphasize groups of trees, enliven ponds and basins. The installation of garden lights will enable you to include the garden in your daily routine even after dusk, i.e. when you want to relax from the day's work. Let our specialists advise you. BAG TURGI showrooms and salesrooms: 8023 Zurich, Konradstrasse 58 Phone 051 / Zurich BAG Exclusive, Pelikanstrasse 5 Phone 051 / n h sporty Minnesota Mining Products AG Räffelstrasse Zurich Phone C

7 Proven machines and devices for the horticulturist for loading, digging, compacting, separating, mixing, pumping. WEDA submersible pumps with built-in float control, built-in motor protection and automatic lubrication Various models with outputs of l / min and m delivery head. Raupentrax FIAT FL4 C, the robust and inexpensive small loader crawler with 5501 bucket capacity, power 45 HP. Weight With rear ripper or hydraulic backhoe attachment. MARLOW centrifugal pumps also convey heavily polluted water without clogging and without a drop in performance. Models for outputs of l / min. with gasoline or electric motor drive. i. - là Saß - ** - "« ni Sta «VIBRAS vibratory rollers for bulk material and black deposits. Single-wheel vibras roller 600 kg with twin pneumatic steering wheel. Double vibras roller 1400 kg with the unique hydropneumatic steering system. Ask for offers or special brochures Robert Aebi Robert Aebi AG Uraniastrasse 31 / Zurich Tel. 051 / T3 Arbedo 092/54761 Landquart 081 / Renens 021 / Zollikofen 031 / f yt '-. - ï LEVO soil compactor with the same high compaction performance in the forward and return lines Different models for Working widths of cm and a depth effect of cm. Weight 245 kg-1150 kg Tipping mixer RAC a robust and inexpensive concrete mixer with pneumatic chassis (type-approved) and electric or gasoline motor drive. CLIPPER cutting machines cut stones, pipes, concrete. Eternit, plastics, etc. quickly, precise and dust-free We supply CLIPPER machines for various cutting lengths and depths in stationary and portable versions

8 k?> GAMA 1 grave excavator The new self-propelled hydraulic narrow-gauge excavator for narrow cemetery paths, which digs grave sites efficiently, economically and quickly. It is also ideal for carrying out earthmoving work, loading earth, snow, etc., opening trenches for drainage, etc. It is stable and stable, can also be supplied with double tires and is also very inexpensive. Eberhardt ESTUMAG SURSEE Land and Industriemaschinen AG 6210 Sursee 045 / estumag mm ^ y Built-in irrigation, manually controlled or automatically, for the lawn, also for sports fields. Non-binding advice, execution, service; 4. IB * "~" I ^ MHj »^ Wjc« * 5 (** (ftìi ai? «T_rî-kl 3 ^ S 7V # ^. J. & A. Küster Steinbrüche AG 8806 Bach am Zürichsee Telephone 051 / ^ .-ï-.ryy, * - *! _ B par commande manual ou Arrosage fixe système auto matique, pour la pelouse soignée. Projets sans engagement, installations, service d'entretien Rud.Hirt, HYDRO-ELECTRIC 2533 Evilard s Bienne Tel. 032 / Sandstones for: Horticulture Floor coverings Facade cladding in Bächer and Guntliweider hard sandstone BIMBO kindergarten and playground equipment Swimming pool accessories (HSP high-performance springboards / full fiberglass, substructures, access stairs, water polo goals, etc.), changing rooms, gymnastics equipment. TEANIK gymnasiums Our informative brochures or a meeting among experts. Sports equipment Otto Hinnen \ Geissensteinring 26, 6000 Lucerne, Tel / 63 Reckenbühlstrasse 12, 6000 Lucerne, Tel Fabrication in Alpnach-Dorf, Tel

9 has the right machines for every lawn school buildings sports fields parks 0 Benefit from the many years of experience of our specialists and ask for non-binding advice. The extensive TORO program also solves your lawn problem. Large area triplex mower from CHF 4,450.- ALTORFER SAMEN AG 8047 ZURICH Fellenbergstrasse 276 Telephone Hako m ^ h cleanliness «M UHI: - Hako Flipper hand sweeper cleans halls, paths, squares and ramps effortlessly and cleanly up to 2300 mvh. Hako-Hamster vacuum sweeper with petrol engine. Sweep forwards and backwards and clean with a vacuum cleaner with disc brake and sit-in carts up to 4600 mvh. Hako-Jonas 1400 hydraulic vacuum sweeper for industrial and municipal companies, mvh Hako Jonas 1600, mvh Hako-Trac with hydraulically lifted front sweeper 120 cm wide, 8000 mvh, very suitable for all work around the factory. II Tick what you want and send it to WEGA Maschinen -.Werkzeuge AG 6210 Sursee Tel. 045 / We would like: 2 detailed offers for industrial documentation leasing reference list Q Flipper. Hamster address trial operation Jonas. Trac keeps our streets and squares clean!

10 YOUR REAL ISITE CARD mfwm UNITRAC-COMBI Efficient large area maintenance with a single machine 'Lawn mower, waste and leaf vacuum, snow thrower, snow plow, salt, sand and fertilizer spreader. Request a non-binding demonstration of this useful helper. UNIVERSAL AG 8942 OBERRIEDEN 051 / TTTiitTTTv. Iluii-li-Si Visit us in the Zürcher Tor in Spreitenbach, booth F 22. or at the Oega in Oeschberg, booth 96.> *, for 10 m \ \ lawn with sunburn? Never when a Perrot pop-up sprinkler system is watering it. It disappears when it's enough, doesn't bother mowing and is always ready for use yyuly s. Y / n \ y. Even automatically, even with a saved program, as you wish. For green areas in gardens, on sports fields, playgrounds and golf courses, sunbathing areas, cemeteries, on streets and buildings. No operation and enormous cost savings. Let us advise you. General agent for Switzerland: ROMAG Röhren und Maschinen AG., Agricultural Engineering Department, Freiburg Sales Office, Telephone 037 / Ì L_É_L SI Kindergarten and play equipment, garden benches Flagpoles and flags Ask for our comprehensive play equipment catalog with price list BURRI AG ZURICH 8152 Glattbrugg, Sägereistrasse 28, Telephone 051 / Perrot pop-up sprinkler installed invisibly in the ground PERROT-REGNERBAU GMBH & CO 726 CALW.a?