Why do Palestinians execute homosexuals

Hamas tightened its criminal law: three executions in the Gaza Strip

For the first time since taking power in 2007, Hamas executes people without a political background. Further executions have been announced.

In Gaza, the prosecutor is holding the rifle in his hand again Photo: dpa

GAZAdpa | The radical Islamic group Hamas has executed three convicted murderers in the Gaza Strip. The executions did not take place in public early Tuesday morning, said the Hamas Interior Ministry.

Last week, Hamas prosecutor Ismail Jaber said that 13 convicted men should be publicly executed. The United Nations and the European Union had condemned these plans. Shortly afterwards, Jaber only spoke of the fact that the executions could take place in front of media representatives.

With the three executions, Hamas has executed people for murder for the first time since it came to power in 2007. So far, only Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel have been executed.

According to Hamas, the three men had independently killed three people and confessed to their actions. The men were shot dead in the city of Chan Junis in the southern Gaza Strip. Family members of the victims were present at the executions.

Last week, Hamas MPs approved a new death penalty ordinance in the Gaza Strip. Jaber announced on Thursday that five convicted murderers were to be executed this week. Eight more should be executed in July after the fasting month of Ramadan.