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10 reasons for a jobbatical

Are you longing for a break, but at the same time are you afraid of quitting your job for several months, for example to travel the world? Then you are probably one of those people for whom a so-called jobbatical is an interesting alternative to the classic sabbatical year. What are the reasons for this special form of time out? Read it in the following post!

What is a jobbatical?

Before we get down to the "nitty-gritty", the basics should be clarified at this point - namely the question "What is a jobbatical?"

The term hides a combination of "job" and "sabbatical", which clearly indicates what the core elements of the jobbatical are:

  1. a break in the form of a sabbatical, especially abroad
  2. doing a job

If you decide on a job batical, it is because you want to break out of your familiar environment on the one hand and because you still want to continue doing your (or any) job on the other.

The jobbatical principle is therefore the perfect compromise for anyone who does not want to put their career on hold during the sabbatical year, but rather wants to advance it continuously.

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Why does a jobbatical make sense?

At this point it should already be clear: There are definitely worse ideas than starting to plan a job batical now. If you still need a few specific suggestions to motivate you to take this career step, here are ten reasons that speak for a job batical.

Reason # 1: Get out of the daily routine (at work)

Are you basically satisfied with your job, but do you want a little more variety and excitement on some days? Then a jobbatical is simply perfect for you.

By breaking out of the rigid and well-known structures and throwing yourself into a new adventure, you are giving your everyday life the spice it so urgently needs in order to become interesting again.

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A jobbatical is the perfect opportunity for a fundamental change of scenery that brings with it countless new impressions, experiences and insights.

Reason # 2: improve foreign language skills

A jobbatical abroad always means that you are linguistically entering unknown (or at least unfamiliar) territory. Whether it's classic business English or rudimentary basics of Spanish - a jobbatical will challenge your linguistic skills.

Do not see this as a disadvantage, but as a huge opportunity. Because where else could you improve your foreign language skills more than in the country where you are constantly confronted with it?

Reason # 3: Something special in the résumé

Are you afraid of a gap in your CV if you decide to take a break of several months? A jobbatical noticeably counteracts this fear - after all, you continue to practice a profession and can also mention it in later application documents.

Even if the typical sabbatical year without professional activity should by no means be understood as a career kink (please compare point 10 of this article), the jobbatical is of course even more beneficial in comparison.

These aspects also tell you why:

  • Job activities abroad are still a special feature of the résumé
  • You make yourself interesting (more) as a potential employee
  • You clearly stand out from other applicants

Reason # 4: challenges that make you grow

Nobody said that it would be easy to settle in in a foreign (maybe even exotic) country, to make contacts and to do a good job here.

The Jobbatical principle is especially recommended for you if you love new challenges or want to consciously look for them. Because: We grow at every hurdle that we master.

So use the jobbatical not only to gain new professional experience and get to know an interesting country. See it as an opportunity to develop as a personality.

Reason # 5: Using time out wisely

Even if a sabbatical year can rarely be described as a waste of time, it is also a fact that the jobbatical is a particularly useful variant of the break.

By focusing on your professional career and consciously choosing a job abroad, you create priceless added value. It is very unlikely that you will regret this decision afterwards.

Reason # 6: Professional Development

It has already been mentioned several times in the article, but should be emphasized again very clearly at this point: A jobbatical is always used for professional development.

There are multiple reasons for that:

  • You have to face numerous challenges
  • You see your work from a completely new perspective
  • You work with very different people
  • You broaden your (professional) horizons
  • You are highly valued as a specialist from abroad

In a nutshell: If you decide on a job batical, you decide to take your career to the next level. It is by no means ruled out that after your return to your old job the next further development will be pending after a short time.

Reason # 7: Expand intercultural competence

Intercultural competence is a soft skill that is becoming more and more important in times of advancing globalization. It describes the ability to interact successfully with people and groups of people from a wide variety of cultures.

In order to learn intercultural competence, it is best to come into direct contact with the respective culture. A jobbatical naturally offers the best prerequisites and plenty of opportunities for this.

Reason # 8: Passing on expertise to others

German skilled workers enjoy a high reputation abroad because they are considered to be well-versed and experienced experts. It can therefore happen that they are specifically referred to companies that are currently being set up and / or urgently need help via platforms such as jobbatical.com.

If you are just such an expert and would like to pass on your specialist knowledge to others, then you should definitely use your time off for a job batical. Even if jobs abroad are usually not paid as well as in Germany, you will quickly notice how satisfying it is to help other people.

Reason # 9: Realizing extraordinary projects

Who says that in the course of a job batical you absolutely have to stay true to your original profession? If you decide in favor of this concept, then basically all doors are open to you. Feel free to come across several to find out what's behind them.

A jobbatical is the perfect opportunity to finally try out all the things that you haven't dared to do in Germany before. How about, for example, realizing an extraordinary project that is close to your heart?

The possibilities that are available to you are almost limitless. Take advantage of them.

Reason # 10: Get to know new work cultures

German career paths are often compared with the metaphorical hamster wheel: You try your best, exhaust yourself to the point of exhaustion and still not make an inch.

The famous thinking outside the box often reveals that it can work very differently. In other countries, not only do they have different customs, but often a completely different work culture as well.

Getting to know them and maybe even internalizing them is not only extremely exciting, but can also help you with your future career. Because who knows: maybe your German employer is receptive to the breath of fresh air that you bring with you from the jobbatical.

Who is a jobbatical suitable for?

This article makes it clear: There are many good reasons that speak clearly in favor of a job batical. However, it is perfectly normal if you are still wondering whether this type of time-out is the right option for you.

Of course, the question “Jobbatical - yes or no?” Cannot be answered across the board for every reader at this point. However, if you still want to know whether you are a “jobbatical type”, then you should take a close look at the following aspects. If most of the statements apply to you, it is very likely that you are suitable for a professional change of scenery abroad.

  • You did a work and travel as a pupil or student
  • You love your job, but you are also often bored at work
  • You long for a breath of fresh air and new (professional) input
  • You like to travel
  • You like to get to know foreign people and cultures
  • You are constantly looking for the "meaning of life"
  • You want to develop professionally and personally
  • You are interested in the working model "digital nomadism"
  • You are not afraid of language barriers

The jobbatical as an exciting alternative to the traditional sabbatical year is still relatively unknown. Do not let this put you off under any circumstances, but consider this aspect as an opportunity to be a pioneer in your environment. As you now know, there are plenty of reasons to support it.