Do you know building construction

More safety and fewer accidents require the commitment and cooperation of all those involved.

The eight vital rules for building construction define the safe handling of the most important hazards that repeatedly lead to serious accidents on the construction site.

The instruction of all employees about the vital rules is therefore a very important measure to prevent serious accidents on construction sites. Your foremen and foremen are the most credible conveyors of these rules.


All superiors in your company know the eight vital rules for building construction and know how to convey these rules to your employees.

Target groups
  • Polish
  • Supervisors on the construction site
  • All persons who are to be enabled to carry out instructions
  • Preparation: 20 minutes before the first instruction
  • Implementation: Use 10 minutes per rule
  • Location: Room for showing the film / sample instruction directly on the construction site
  • Group size: a maximum of 8 people for the sample instruction
  • Type of implementation: Do it yourself - make it clear and tangible
  • Cost: free
  • Order resources
  • Send appointment invitation
  • Show your foremen and foremen the film “Sample instruction“ Vital rules for foremen and supervisors ”
  • Provide foremen and foremen with documents
  • Practice makes perfect: Carry out sample instructions with your foremen and foremen as part of a 1: 1 management training course and then have them instruct you yourself.
  • Draw up an instruction plan together with foremen and foremen so that the vital rules are regularly trained on site.
  • Have instructions documented