How do I recognize myself

Corona symptoms: this is how you know when you have the virus

Corona tracking

Live map: Here you can see the current infections

This map is constantly updated - you can see how many infections have been reported and also how many people are considered recovered.

Even if the experts at Robert Koch Institute Currently assuming a moderate risk of becoming infected with the virus, many people fear infection. This is shown by the hamster purchases, the pictures of which are sometimes quite entertaining on the Internet - and also the numerous fake news about the coronavirus, which exploit the fear and are spreading at breakneck speed.

Routes of infection

COVID-19: How can I get infected?

"You are mainly infected by droplet infection, similar to a cold virus or flu virus when you sneeze on or shake hands with someone who has just bored in their nose," explains Peter Kremsner, an infectious agent at the University Hospital Tübingen, in the SWR3 afternoon show with Marcus Barsch.

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The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) In addition to the path of infection mentioned, the novel coronaviruses were also found in stool samples from some of those affected. Whether the virus labeled SARS-CoV-2 can also be spread faecal-orally, has not yet been conclusively clarified. According to World Health Organization (WHO) this mode of transmission does not seem to play a role in the outbreak in China.

Overview of symptoms

How do I know if I am sick with the coronavirus?

The RKI breaks down the symptoms. The WHO according to the following symptoms:

  • fever,
  • drier to cough,
  • Exhaustion.
  • In China, some patients have also been Breathing problems,
  • Sore throat,
  • Headache and pain in the limbs,
  • chills detected.
  • Some sufferers suffered nausea,
  • one stuffy nose,
  • and diarrhea.

In many cases, it is not that easy to distinguish the coronavirus from normal flu. Therefore, doctors first ask the question of whether you have been in contact with infected people or whether you have undertaken a trip to an affected area.

The similarity to the flu also affects the course of the disease, which is why infectiologist Peter Kremsner says in an interview with SWR3:

Coronavirus rapid test

Why don't everyone get a corona test?

Whether a test is done is then at the discretion of the attending physician. "Extensive testing of clinically healthy people is medical nonsense," said the head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), Andreas Gassen, to the dpa news agency. Tests are only useful if someone has symptoms of an upper respiratory disease and may have had contact with infected people. Germany's relevant laboratories have capacities for around 12,000 tests per day.

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The so-called Rapid test for the coronavirus is a very straightforward matter: it is done through a nasopharynx swab.

According to the KBV GPs are prepared to deal with the coronavirus in Germany. However, there is a need for action when it comes to replenishing protective equipment, said the head of the KBV. "The basic stock that the resident colleagues have in their practices will not be sufficient nationwide if the number of suspected cases increases." And everything points to that.

Meanwhile, there is a strict reporting requirement for patients in whom there is a suspicion. "In order to recognize suspected cases as early as possible, doctors, clinics and laboratories were obliged to report well-founded suspicious cases," it says from Federal Ministry of Health.

Advice and numbers

Coronavirus hotlines

  • The first step: call your family doctor. Here you will find all the information on how to proceed if you are unsure about an illness.
  • If the family doctor is currently unavailable, you can 116117 dial, this is the number of the medical on-call service.

Further information is also available from various information hotlines on the coronavirus:

  • Independent patient advice Germany: 0800 011 77 22
  • Uniform telephone number for authorities: 115
  • The citizen hotline of the Federal Ministry of Health: 030 346 465 100

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Wash hands and hygiene

Corona: How can you protect yourself?

The same rules apply to prevention as to any other illness - such as the flu: “Actually only running water. It is enough to wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap, ”says the infectiologist from Tübingen.

Extensive information on how to best wash your hands is available from Federal Center for Health Education.

Wash your hands properly

The essentials in brief:

  • Wash your hands regularly - especially if you have had contact with sick people before preparing food, using the toilet, or enjoying or blowing your nose.
  • Hold your hands under running water that The temperature of the water does not matter,
  • but you should Soap hands thoroughly - especially in the spaces between the fingers and under the fingernails.
  • Then the Wash hands under running water,
  • that takes a total of about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Then the Dry your hands well,
  • home has the best each his own towel.

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Sneeze properly

Thanks to Corona, sneezing could finally work out too: Because during the flu season, you keep seeing people who can't do it properly. Here are the most important tips for sneezing properly:

  • Anyone who sneezes should Keep your distance from people around you - the Federal Center for Health Education recommends about a meter.
  • It is best to use disposable handkerchiefs
  • and disposed of them equal.
  • who Handkerchiefs want to use it should wash at 60 degrees.
  • If there is no handkerchief nearby: Sneeze into the crook of your arm (also applies to cough)
  • And thereby Turn away from the people nearby.
  • After that: wash your hands.

The choruses of these songs last exactly 20 seconds ...

... and are therefore ideal for washing your hands just right. It is also more fun:

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  • Rasperry Beret - Prince
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  • Truth Hurts - Lizzo

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