Who is Joseph of Nazareth

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Joseph of Nazareth, Joseph the foster father, is referred to as a scion from the house of David and is depicted as a carpenter in the late Middle Ages.

Extra-biblical sources report: After Mary had communicated her vow of chastity to the high priest, he received instructions from God in the temple to choose twelve men from the twelve tribes of Israel. They had to lay down their walking sticks in the temple, and only Joseph's stick turned green. It is also said that a heavenly dove perched on the staff. Chosen in this way, the priest blessed Mary and Joseph's engagement.

According to Jewish law, being engaged to Mary is a valid marriage vow. Matthew reports that Joseph decided to leave Mary when she became pregnant, even though they had not yet slept together. But in a dream an angel appeared to him who said to him: "Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary, your wife, to you, because what is begotten in her comes from the Holy Spirit. She becomes a son Give life to him you should name Jesus, because he will redeem his people from their sins. " (Matthew 1, 18-25.)

Until the 16th century, individual depictions of Joseph were rare in Christian art. Usually Joseph is shown together with Mary and the baby Jesus (adoration of the kings, rest on the run, etc.). The attributes of Joseph are the carpenter's tool and the budding stick, which has been depicted as a white lily since the baroque era.

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