How can we manage to write essays?

Student life has not even started properly, one scientific term is already chasing the next. We have collected all unknown expressions on the subject of studies for you and provide you with the appropriate explanation. Here: How do I write an essay?

An essay is a special form of text. The word, which comes from Latin, can best be translated with a trial or experiment. It should be a "witty treatise" that is written fluently and deals with a specific topic, but without going into it in full. Essays are mostly used to discuss scientific, social or cultural phenomena.

But how do you go about an essay?

It is important to take a point of view that can also be justified theoretically and empirically. You can represent your subjective point of view, but you still have to proceed logically and argue in a comprehensible manner. You don't have to be as strictly scientific as with a seminar paper, for example. It must be recognizable that the author of this essay has dealt with the subject. The reader should also be able to see how one arrives at the arguments that are presented. As I said, an essay should only be an attempt to shed light on a topic. Essays can also be the basis for further academic work.

It's good to come up with a structure and not just write on it so that you don't get bogged down while writing. There is no need for such a strict structure as a seminar paper: Just think about what I want to show so that someone understands the topic and my point of view.

Although the writing style should be rather light, quotations or evidence can still be incorporated. However, this should be used sparingly.

What an essay should achieve is to convince the respective reader with his train of thought and to bring a topic closer to it in an easily readable way.

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