How can I help others find work?

Improve job opportunities, find work

How you can improve your job chances and how the job center supports you.

The way to the new job

Those looking for a job come to the big one Job portals on the Internet not over. Also the social networks play an important role when looking for a job. Here it is important to present yourself correctly online.

In addition, you can target the job offers on the Company websites or in the daily newspaper sift through.

Further information and tips for finding a job can be found on the Find a job page in the online application training.

Use the career path if you are interested in a career change, re-entry, qualifications or career paths. Use the tool to find out about your options based on specific career goals.

Find job offers with the job search

You can find most job vacancies across Germany in the job search of the Federal Employment Agency. For example, you can ...

  • look for jobs in Germany and abroad,
  • create and maintain a personal applicant profile,
  • apply for job vacancies online and
  • Receive suitable job offers by email on request.

To job search

Offers related to applications - this is how the job center supports you

Writing a résumé and writing a good application is not that easy. When an interview is coming up, new questions often arise.

We support you to ensure that your application is successful:

  • At the Application training Among other things, you will learn how an application is structured and what you should pay attention to.
  • in theApplication coaching prepare optimally for interviews.

You can take part in application training or coaching, for example, with an activation and placement voucher (AVGS).

In the online application training you will find useful tips and checklists on all aspects of applications and job searches.

Find a job through private employment agencies

A private employment agency establishes contact between you as an applicant and employers.

As a rule, it offers additional services, the costs of which are covered by the agency voucher or by a separately agreed agency fee.

For example:

  • the Creation of an applicant profile,
  • the Advertise in job and applicant portals,
  • the Creation of professional application documents or
  • the Preparation for the interview.

Further information can be found on the Private Employment Service page.

Individual training with an employer or a training provider

So-called Activation and professional integration measures support you in your search for employment. You can…

  • a measure at an employer (MAG) or
  • complete a course at an educational institution (MAT).

The aim of both measures is to find out whether you are suitable for the respective activity. You can also add new Acquire skills and thus new ones career prospects create.

The duration of a company TUE with an employer may be for adults over 25 years not longer than 6 weeks last. With people under 25 years are itup to 12 weeks.

Entry fee and business start-up

Entry fee should give you the Make it easier to start your professional life. The amount depends on your individual situation.

You can get it if you ...

  • start a full-time, self-employed activity with at least 15 hours per week or
  • take up employment that is subject to social insurance and whose wages are over 450 euros per month.
Reimbursement of expenses

If you incur costs from looking for a job or returning to work, we use a special budget, the so-called Mediation budget, back.

This means that the costs for the following expenses, for example, can be reimbursed:

  • Application documents
  • Evidence (certified copies or translations)
  • The drive to the interview
  • A move

You have to Apply for reimbursement before the expenses arise.

Integration grant (EGZ) for employers

Basically there is the possibility of an employer Pay subsidies to be granted (integration grant).

The application for an integration grant must provide employersbefore a new employee starts work. The contact for companies is the Employer Services of the Job Center.

Use a job (one-euro job)

If you receive unemployment benefit II and want to improve your chances in the job market, you can get one Job opportunity (AGH, colloquially: one-euro job) perceive. Job opportunities are not intended to replace existing jobs and are only allowed limited in time be exercised. They are offered, for example, by associations or public institutions. Anyone who takes a job and thus has additional work will be compensated by the job center - provided the costs are reasonable.

Contact your job center if you are interested in a job.

Find your entry into professional life through volunteering

Anyone who does voluntary work works for the good of the community free of charge. An honorary position is therefore no employment relationship.

There are voluntary activities in many areas, for example ...

  • in sports clubs and environmental organizations,
  • in welfare institutions (e.g. Caritas or Diakonie),
  • at the fire brigade or in municipalities,
  • at the blackboard or
  • in assistance to the elderly, the disabled, families or the homeless.

Volunteering has many advantages: You can, for example try out new fields of work and additional Acquire skills. This will allow you to score points in future applications.

With a voluntary activity you also build yours personal network out. This will give you important contacts who will help you find a job.

Contact one of the many Volunteer agencies in Germany, if you have decided to do an honorary position. Your local volunteer agency advises and mediates You to a suitable facility.

If you have a Expense allowance can get that affect your unemployment benefit II. Expense allowances are also taken into account if the Allowance in the amount of 200 euros is exceeded.

Make an appointment at your job center

Take advantage of personal consultation at your job center and find out, for example ...

  • how to apply for an activation and placement voucher,
  • which training courses or measures are suitable for you,
  • whether you meet the requirements for entry fee or
  • what expenses you can get back from the job center by looking for a job.

The job center will develop together with youPerspectives and Solutions for your professional future.

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