Michael Jordan was an underrated passerby


I have always been able to rely on one thing: my intuition. Black or white, right or left? And anyway, right or wrong? It doesn't exist with me. As the daughter of a German mother and a Jordanian father, at some point in my life I started to illuminate the world in all its diversity. Differences in cultures and religions make them even more colorful for me and, you can hardly believe it, can be wonderfully combined with one another. It takes understanding and tolerance. And a picture of an exciting world that is characterized by its differences.

And so a story also has its two sides. At least. Think from a different point of view, dare to take a step further. I've always found that exciting. And this is exactly how new impulses arise - for everyone who wants to act. Journalism offers me the opportunity to connect worlds with one another: through education, through explanation, through empathy.

Wild discussions on socio-political issues? Definitely an added value in my life. And politics, especially the Middle East, were “my thing” when I was studying. So I decided to devote my bachelor's thesis to the Syrian economy and also gain my first journalistic experience at center.tv and the Rheinische Post. My previous training at BBDO brought me closer to the impact of the media for the first time. And so I stayed loyal to the media even after my studies. On the corporate side, however, and more specifically in the area of ​​film productions. Over the past six years I have developed this interest at NATURSTROM AG into sustainable competence. From company portraits, commercials, image film series to explanatory films. It was all there.

Now my path has led me to the Georg von Holtzbrinck School of Journalism. I'm looking forward to the new tasks and to another, exciting look at our world.