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The Mothman Prophecies on DVD

The Mothman Prophecies

The Mothman Prophecies

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  • USA, 2002
  • FSK approved for ages 12 and over
  • Order number:6854290
  • Release date: 5.1.2006

  • Thriller, 113 min.
  • Director:Mark Pellington
  • Actor:Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Will Patton
  • Film music:tomandandy
  • Original title: The Mothman Prophecies
  • Language: German English
  • Sound format: DD 5.1
  • Picture: Widescreen
  • Subtitle: German
  • Special offers: Featurette with interviews with the stars, behind-the-scenes and comments from the director; Audio commentary by Mark Pellington; Music video; Cast & crew info; Production notes; German and US cinema trailers; Fully animated 3-D menu; Mulholland Drive trailer; DVD-Rom Part;

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Are moth people angels - or deadly messengers? Journalist Klein's exciting search for a plausible answer begins in a small, sleepy town and finally leads into the bizarre world of paranormal phenomena ... An eerie, suspenseful mystery thriller in the tradition of "The Sixth Sense" and "The X-Files" Starring Richard Gere and Laura Linney.
Two years have passed since John Klein's (Richard Gere) wife Mary died of a brain tumor that was discovered too late. He is still pursued by that dark, terrifying creature with piercing red eyes who appeared to Mary in a tragic car accident two weeks before her death and which she last drew over and over in the hospital. When a car breaks down at night on the way from Washington D. C. to Richmond, the past suddenly catches up with journalist John Klein. When the car stops in Point Pleasant, in the middle of nowhere, he angrily makes his way to the next farm to ask for help. But instead he is threatened with a gun by the owner Gordon Smallwood (Will Patton) - allegedly he has stood in front of the homestead several times in the middle of the night. Soon after, the police officer Connie Parker (Laura Linney) arrives, who clears up the mysterious incident and agrees to take John into town until his car is repaired. During the trip, she tells of the strange events that have kept the residents of Point Pleasant in suspense in recent weeks: of figures with wings and glowing red eyes that kept popping up in this area, of strange screeching noises.
Only now does John Klein realize that he has strayed a long way, because Point Pleasant was never on his planned route. However, since the information provided by the residents coincides terribly with the drawings of his late wife, he decides to cancel the job in Richmond and instead to stay in Point Pleasant to get to the bottom of the mothman's dark secret.
When the sinister apparition finally begins to speak to Gordon Smallwood, indicating an impending event, John Klein contacts Dr. Alexander Leek, who as a scientist deals with unexplained phenomena. There are now only two options for John: either, he is slowly but surely going insane, or the Mothman is real and wants to speak to him. The sudden collapse of the suspension bridge over the river ultimately dwarfs all gloomy premonitions ...


KulturSpiegel: "In this film adaptation of a real story, Gere is a successful journalist who is driven by the death of his wife to investigate supernatural phenomena. A kind of X-Files for aged tie wearers." Cineman: "The eerily beautiful discomfort this film creates cannot be denied. And who knows? The truth is out there somewhere." Joy: "The finest goosebumps."