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Collection of mini games for children

The description of collection of mini games for children

New educational games for children. For boys and girls from 3 years!
This set contains the following educational mini-games:
1 - Connect the dots.
There's Hippo or one of her friends on the screen and then they disappear. The child needs to repeat the shape of the picture and connect all the stars. When the task is done, a new picture will appear.
2 - staining.
A colored figure appears for some time and then turns black and white. You have to color the cartoon character like before. If you're having trouble, use the hint and click the "?" Button
3 - mix colors.
Hippo has a vessel of a certain color so that it creates the exact same color. You have to mix colors. Add extra color to a glass mug, mix colors, and see what color you get. An exciting, educational mini-game for kids where the kid mixes colors by mixing different colors.
4 - pairs.
Task for logic and memory development. The rules are very simple: some images are displayed for a while and then the images do not appear in the correct order. So you have to open two identical images. After that, they will go away. You have to find all the pairs. Each level becomes more difficult than the previous one.
5 - mosaic
An image will appear on the screen that will disappear a moment later. The toddler must repeat the pattern, it must be made of colored mosaics. To use a hint, click the "?"
6 - Delete the picture. Scratch image.
Scratching a picture is a game for the little ones. There is a hidden image on the screen. The player has to scratch the level below to see who is hiding behind it.
7 - puzzle associations.
Children have to use associations to put the pictures in the right order. There are three types of tasks: assembling pictures based on colors, patterns or figures.
8 - 3D puzzles.
Collect exciting 3D puzzles for children made from 3D blocks. Rotate the blocks in different directions to get the picture you want.
9 - Happy melodies.
In this mini-game, boys and girls have to collect classic pieces from the smaller pieces. There are different parts of the melodies on the screen. Listen to each part individually and put together a famous melody.
At the beginning there are 3 mini-games for children, for each completed task you receive 10 coins. To open the 4th game, the player must collect 100 coins, 5th - 150 coins, 6th - 200 coins, 7th - 300 coins, etc.
All mini-games include Hippo and her friends. A happy atmosphere and a good mood are not only for children from 3, 5, 7 years and older, but also for the whole family.