How do guitarists write great solos?

B.log - What are your top 5 guitar solos?

Guitar solos are out! Or maybe not? Is there a rock song without a guitar solo, cool lead lines and single note licks? Even if guitar solos don't appear that often in the charts, solos are still a welcome change within a song. Sometimes even the crowning glory. We asked ourselves which solos are the most important in music history.

Although the styles of guitar solos have changed a lot over time, there are still a few timeless classics in every decade that guitarists should be familiar with. About the early performances in the 50s, I think of Chuck Berry's intro with Johnny B. Goode or the solo of Rock Around The Clock. In the sixties there was already more pulling and sawing, Hendrix really let off steam in this regard with Hey Joe, Little Wing or Purple Haze. Then came the 70s and they took a lot of time for extended solo parts (which were then often faded out on the radio ...), classics like Hotel California from the Eagles or Kid Charlemagne from Steely Dan with Larry Carlton on guitar come to mind . In the eighties it was cut back drastically. If a guitar solo, then only eight bars, please. But gentlemen Van Halen (Jump, Beat It) or Lukather (Rosanna, Running With The Night) didn't let that put them off and use the tight time window for some cool statements. After that it got a little quieter in the pop / mainstream area, but Kirk Hammett has recorded some excellent solos with Metallica in this decade. Matthew Bellamy from Muse also provided very tasteful and melodic lead parts. We will soon start a new series in which we would like to introduce some of these legendary solos and provide them for you in the usual way with notes / tabs and practice examples.

That's why we need your help again:

What is your top 5 list of the best guitar solos of all time? Write your suggestions in the comments below.

In the meantime I can recommend a couple of bonedo video workshops with great (solo) guitarists: We met Joe Satriani in Cologne before his gig at E-Werk, Zakk Wylde shows some of his signature licks and Tommy in a bonedo video workshop Thayer (Kiss) provides information about licks and solos from the Kiss repertoire in full gear and make-up.

Have fun with it and see you soon. Thomas Dill