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The government of Greenland, which has been part of the Kingdom of Denmark for three centuries, decided to make Greenlandic the official language. The Greenlanders have had an autonomous administration since 1953, which was expanded in 1979; in November of the previous year a majority of the 57,000 Greenlanders voted for the independence of the police and judiciary and voted for the official status of Greenlandic.

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Greenlandic (Kalaallisut)

- Language code (ISO 639-1): kl
- Language of the Eskimo-Aleut group, closely related to the Canadian Inuktitut
- an estimated 63,000 speakers in Greenland and Denmark
- Dialects North (Inuktun), East (Tunumiutut), West Greenlandic (Kitaamiutut)
- The basis of the national written language is the western dialect, which is spoken by 90% of the population.
- Greenlandic as a written language and literature since the 18th century.
- Grammar by the German missionary Samuel Peter Kleinschmidt (1851)
- In 1861 the first newspaper appears in Greenlandic (Atuagagdliutit)
- official spelling since 1973
- Latin script with Danish spelling
- Vocabulary influenced by Danish (e.g. higher numbers)
- Polysynthetic constructions: characteristic long unstressed syllable sequences (word stem with suffixes and endings) which fulfill the sentence function
- Well-known words of Greenlandic origin: anorak (annoraaq), igloo (illu), kayak (qajaq), parka (pakkarsuaq)

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Link: Greenlandic-English dictionary
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