What is the definition of a polynomial equation


We will deal with the term polynomial in this article. We will explain to you what a polynomial is and give you some suitable examples. This article belongs to the field of mathematics.

A polynomial is a sum of multiples of powers with natural number exponents of a variable, which in most cases is denoted by x. The following examples should make this clear to you:

Examples of polynomials:

  • 3x2 + 2x + 5
  • 7x3 + x2 + 6x + 2
  • 10x5 + 3x4 + 2x

Types of Polynomials

There are different types of polynomials in mathematics. A binomial in mathematics is a polynomial with two terms. In other words: a binomial is the sum or difference of two monomials. The following examples show you how a Binomial looks like:

In mathematics, a trinomial is the three-part equivalent of the better-known binomial. So it is a polynomial that is a sum of three monomials. This may sound complicated at first, but in practice it is very simple. The following examples show you some trinomials:

  • a2 + b2 + c2
  • 6a2 + 7a3 + 8a4


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