How does a friend help us?

7 tips on how to help friends who are lovesick

We've all been at this point before: our hearts were broken and we just felt completely hopeless. Everyone deals with these feelings differently. The fact that sooner or later we have come up with a survial tactic for our own lovesickness, which will hopefully work somewhat, does not mean that we can help others who are struggling with heartbreak or that we can find the right words right away to give them new courage. Many of the standard sayings we use to help broken hearted friends are often counterproductive. “Other mothers also have beautiful sons” or “Now I can tell you, I never liked them anyway” do not help anyone and neither make the heartache patient feel better nor make him or her sooner or later feels like going out again to meet someone new.
Unfortunately, what we often forget is that while we are looking at the whole thing rationally and with due distance from the outside (the two may simply not have been a particularly good match or the person you love is just not into your friend * in love), the broken hearted person wears completely different glasses. What someone like that needs the least now are really practical tips on how to move on quickly and easily. Rather, a little encouragement, a shoulder to cry on or a cozy movie night on the couch and, above all, the feeling of not being alone in the world can help a friend who is in emotional distress.
We spoke to therapists, relationship specialists and psychologists and collected tips on how you can help a friend with heartbreak.