Which committees conduct the impeachment investigation?

Scandal during impeachment investigation against Trump

Scandal during the investigation in the US Congress into the Ukraine affair: Parliamentarians allied with President Donald Trump have illegally entered the meeting room and have temporarily prevented a testimony. The more than two dozen Republican MPs obtained a suspension yesterday from the session at which senior Pentagon official Laura Cooper was supposed to testify.

Trouble with exclusion

The intruders were furious that they had been excluded from the meeting. They refused to leave the room again. The chairman of the secret service committee, the Democrat Adam Schiff, then contacted the security chief of the congress, according to US media reports. The meeting took place in a tap-proof room. The rules of Congress prohibit entry to such rooms without permission.

Access with cell phones is also prohibited. However, some of the intruders apparently sent messages from their smartphones during the protest. The ringleader of the intruders, Matt Gaetz, wrote on the short message service Twitter that he had penetrated with more than 30 colleagues and was still in the room. Two days before the Republican MPs protested, Trump appealed to his party to fight the investigation "harder".

Intruders did not belong to bodies

Participation was open to all members of the three House Committees dealing with the Ukraine investigation. The intruders do not belong to these bodies. Trump and many Republicans accuse the House of Representatives dominating Democrats of conducting the investigation in an unfair manner. With the investigation, the opposition party wants to pave the way for an expected later impeachment proceedings against Trump.

The Democrats accuse Trump of serious abuse of office in his Ukraine policy. It is about the efforts of the President to get investigations in the country against the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, his son Hunter, who previously worked for a Ukrainian gas company, and the Democratic Party.