What does the PdaNet


Moritz J├Ąger

With PdaNet you can turn your Android smartphone into an external modem. You can establish the connection via USB, from Android 2.0 this also works via Bluetooth.

EnlargeWith PdaNet, the smartphone becomes an Internet router.

PdaNet can do that : With the app, you can use your smartphone as a modem for a PC or Mac. With so-called tethering, the mobile phone makes its own internet connection available to other devices via USB connection or via Bluetooth. However, this is not always tolerated by mobile network providers. In addition to the app on the smartphone, PdaNet also requires software on the PC or Mac that can be downloaded from the developer's homepage.

Installation and function : You can find PdaNet in the Android Market. In addition to the paid version, there is also a free version, with which, however, you cannot establish encrypted connections.

Conclusion : Tehtering on Android is not new. The advantage of PdaNet, however, is that you do not need a root account on the smartphone. In any case, you should know the conditions of your mobile phone contract and check whether shared use is allowed at all. (mja)

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$ 29, free light version available


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Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry