What makes you vacation on safari

Safari in Africa

On safari in Africa

Africa is home to the largest land animals in the world. The Big Five live on the warmest continent on earth: the African elephant, the black rhinoceros, the Cape buffalo, the lion and the leopard. Watching elephants in the wild is a unique feeling: Feel the mixture of awe and delight when you face the gentle giants for the first time in Africa. Keep an eye out for clouds of dust on the horizon during a game drive, with a bit of luck a herd of snorting buffalo approaches, whose hooves conjure up almost musical rhythms in the savannah and make the earth shake. The long-necked giraffes present themselves sublime, with their long, blue tongues also causing laughter. Experience adventure in a comfortable way: Book a safari in Africa with a flight and a luxurious lodge in a national park with MEIERS WELTREISEN.

Safaris with heavenly adventures

Get to know an unknown world intensively on your safari in Africa, also spend the nights in a national park of your choice! In high-quality equipped lodges you can freshen up after the game drive and then listen to the exciting stories of the rangers by the crackling campfire. The sky turns glowing red when the sun sinks towards the horizon, trees and animals look like shadow images in the fascinating play of colors. The sunset alone is overwhelming, but a look at the night sky crowns the magic of the moment: Billions of stars sparkle in the firmament like diamonds, the celestial bodies shine much clearer in the solitude of the savannah than in Europe. A night safari enables a special experience of African nature, because when it gets dark, completely different animals are active than during the day. Leopards, lories and mongooses are among the species whose nocturnal drift is worth observing.

African national parks with elephants

There are far more than 350 national parks in Africa, all of which are home to amazing animals, and the protected areas with elephants are particularly exciting. Relatively large populations can be found on the central east coast and the south west coast of the continent. For example, safaris through the adjacent national parks Tsavo-West and Tsavo-East in southern Kenya are ideal to observe the sensitive pachyderms. Many of the gray giants also live in the Kenyan Masai Mara nature reserve and in the Amboseli National Park. In neighboring Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park is one of the world's largest protected areas for nature. Here, as well as in the Lake Manyara National Park and in the Ruaha National Park, there are very good chances of seeing the impressive animals. On the west coast of Africa, the Etosha National Park in northern Namibia invites you to a game drive and experiences with elephants.

Amazing landscapes in Africa

It is hot in Africa and the climate is shaped by the equator. Semi-arid steppes and desert areas cover large stretches of land. However, there are also fertile savannas as well as tropical dry and rainforests, because some regions are characterized by a large amount of water. The most extensive inland waterway is Lake Victoria, which stretches across three countries: Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The Okavango Delta in northwestern Botswana was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2014. The largest humid biotope on the continent combines flooded landscapes, grass-fringed islands and estuary arms with papyrus on the banks. If you want to discover hippos, crocodiles and hundreds of species of birds on safari in Africa, the Okavango Delta is spot on. The Victoria Falls are also part of the world natural heritage. The fresh spray of the widest waterfall in the world has created a rainforest in the middle of Africa.

Mountain gorillas in the African rainforest

The light breaks gently through the green canopy of leaves, narrow paths run through primeval vegetation, fields of mist waft across the soft ground. Time seems to stand still in the Bwindi rainforest. The mighty trees in the Ugandan National Park are stone old, and rare residents loll and swing in the branches. For mountain gorillas, the Bwindi rainforest is one of the last places of refuge. The black furry males are of enormous size, but their brown eyes shine gently. Their behavior is often macho, but they have a sense of family. The gorilla parents lovingly look after their offspring, the little monkeys are sweet as sugar. Go on a safari through the rainforest in Africa and succumb to the fascination of intelligent great apes - the coexistence of mountain gorillas in the wild can only be observed in very few places.

Safaris through Africa's most famous national park

The landscape of the Kruger National Park in South Africa is outstanding, comprising lush grass steppes, bushland, tree-rich river valleys and mountain ranges. The largest game reserve in the country offers all heroes from "The Lion King" a home. Seeing Timon and Pumbaa live is a unique experience for children and adults alike. The “Hakuna Matata” attitude to life comes alive in you when you discover a colony of funny meerkats amid desert roses and grasses and shortly afterwards you run into a funny warthog. After adventure in the wilderness, convenience awaits you. In addition to exclusive lodges in the middle of the protected area, high-class hotels are available for visitors in front of the entrance gates. Take a photo safari through the species-rich national park in South Africa with MEIERS WELTREISEN and take great snapshots of rhinos, lions, zebras and many other animals home with you!