What is the graphic design business

11 reasons for professional graphic design

Can't we do this ourselves? This is the question above all for sole proprietorships, craftsmen and business owners in small and medium-sized businesses when it comes to creating new print products.

The Swabians in particular are generally considered to be very frugal. While it is common in large companies to commission an advertising agency (from the region, e.g. Allgäu) for graphic or web design, in SMEs people like to do their own things.

Let yourself be convinced that it is worth hiring a professional graphic designer or a design agency!

Graphic design from the Allgäu - 11 good reasons

1. The first impression counts

When potential customers come into contact with your company, they make the decision in the first few seconds whether they like what they see or not. Your visual external appearance has a great influence on whether potential customers, who you do not yet know and who have not become aware of you through recommendations, are for your company, your business and your practice trustworthy and want to purchase a product or service from you.

When your communication tools are well designed, the new customers draw conclusions about your way of working, which they rate as just as professional.

2. Clear brand communication

Before each creation of a print product, the design professional deals in detail with your brand and which values ​​and emotions you as a person and company would like to communicate to your customers. If you are about to start a business and do not yet have a clearly defined image or would like to change your current brand communication, an experienced graphic designer will help you to define your brand goals.

This takes place in dialogue with you. You can only communicate this clearly and comprehensibly to your customers via all online and offline channels if you are clear about your focus and the advantages of your product and service.

3. High recognition value

Your logo, the company sign above the shop, the complete business equipment in the form of a corporate design such as business cards and stationery, the company brochure, all product sheets and catalogs, advertising and poster campaigns, the online presence and the trade fair stand, everything has to be consistent and from a single source. This is the only way for customers to recognize the external appearance of your company at any time and any place.

The more often a customer comes into contact with your logo and your brandthe more it remains in his memory. An important factor in getting valuable recommendations.

4. Stand out from the competition

The high recognition value thanks to a uniform design is important to stand out from the competition. It is possible that there are many companies in your branch in the Allgäu that offer similar products and services. A design professional analyzes your competitors in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. It helps you to stand out visually and in terms of content in order to draw the attention of potential customers to you and your company.

Time is in short supply and in most cases customers decide what to buy within a short period of time.

5. Eye-catching design and high-quality typography

The You can attract the attention of customers through a striking design, a good selection of typographical elements and a catchy visual language. A person takes in around 80 percent of the impressions visually. A good graphic designer will select the right images for you, based on what you want to communicate and what hits the target audience's heart.

If you do not have your own pictures, he will help you to purchase them from stock media or organize an individual photo shoot in your company, your shop or your practice.

6. Steering the eye

Every print product has different goals. Before a potential customer puts away a flyer, for example, it is important that the most important information can be conveyed to him in a short time. There are firm rules that our visual perception follows. A professional graphic designer knows how he can guide the beholder's eye in a targeted manner, from the logo to the call-to-action, i.e. a specific call to action.

These could be, for example, to make an appointment with you or to register for an information event.

7. Special formats and paper selection

If you offer a high-quality product or an expensive service, it is worth investing in special formats and / or high-quality special paper, e.g. with a structured or slightly glossy surface. The special feel underlines the value and ensures that the customer pays longer attention to the brochure.

The higher the quality of a brochure, flyer or brochure, the less often it ends up in the wastepaper basket and the more likely it is to be picked up repeatedly.

If you offer organic products or if your company follows an eco-code and wants to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible, you can communicate this to your customers not only in writing, but also visually and haptically by using natural paper for your print products .

8. Decide on content

A design professional is also a content professional. He knows how to formulate content and place it optically so that the customer will remember you. Facts are important, but the customer wants to be entertained at the same time. It is not the product and the service that can be sold, but the added value that the customer gets from it.

9. Design suitable for target groups

The target group is defined before the actual design. What does a typical buyer look like? A designer or an advertising agency has a lot of experience and tailors your design exactly to your target group.

Here are a few examples for a better understanding: People from the Allgäu react differently to visual stimuli than city dwellers, who are constantly exposed to overstimulation. Children as a target group need an age-appropriate, predominantly pictorial design language.

Customers of health food stores can be reached with a different visual and design language than customers of food discounters. Anyone who goes to a naturopathic practice expects calm and muted colors, while in a speech therapy practice things can get colorful.

10. Save valuable time

When you hire a design professional, you and your employees save a lot of time, which everyone involved can use more meaningfully for their actual business activities and their core tasks. Especially if you are not familiar with the creation of print data, this can cost you a lot of time and nerves. A professional can, e.g. with the design of a complete flyer, finish in much less time and a few days later you will have your new print product in your hand.

He takes over the communication with the print shops and processes complaints if a printer makes a mistake. When it comes to color accuracy, the graphic designer stands next to the printing press and monitors the setting of the colors. Think about whether you couldn't easily have made the money you invest in professional graphic design elsewhere in the same amount of time. You can also deduct advertising expenses for tax purposes.

11. Integration into corporate communications

Design for print and online go hand in hand. Often print campaigns support online campaigns and vice versa. The brand presence must be uniform on all platforms and communicate the same content at the same time. This is the only way for marketing to be successful and to reach the target group at the right time with the appropriate medium. A designer prepares all graphics, images, info charts and texts for use in the individual media, from flyers to smartphones, and ensures constant quality.

Graphic design from the Allgäu - the right choice: As you can see, professional graphic design is a key feature in order to be successful in the market in the long term and to stand out from the competition.

It's about convincing, satisfying and inspiring customers. If there is a good relationship of trust, a customer remains loyal to you and recommends you to business partners, friends, family and acquaintances. In this way you can grow in the long term and increase your sales.

Do you need support in implementing your design project? As an advertising agency from the Allgäu, we are your partner in terms of conception, creation and implementation of print media and graphic design.

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