What is the difference between Linksys and Cisco

Wrt54 (here: differences in the model names?)

Then why do you buy from hm .. strange sources on the trading platform Ebay

That gives the impression that you shouldn't buy anything on ebay because there are only fraudsters walking around. I myself have only had the best experiences with dealers with ebay. As a power seller, you can't afford to fool people The dealers on ebay are often quite normal dealers (maybe the specialist dealer where you feel so well taken care of will also offer the same things on ebay, only then cheaper ) and often offer a fixed price. Here you can no longer speak of a classic eBay auction, that is the same as a dealer who has his own internet shop.
Of course there are black sheep, but isn't that the case everywhere, you can also buy something at Saturn for double the price if you don't know your way around or close a deal with a well-known bank only to find out years later that you have been ripped off . That is the price of freedom, we are responsible and responsible for our actions and actions. I don't like it when the Internet (here especially ebay) is presented as if only crime romps here.

There is a right of revocation and a right of return on ebay - of course - also if you are not buying from a private person. I myself have already sent some things back and got the postage reimbursed. That was even more uncomplicated than it is usually with a "proper" Specialist retailer goes. They are usually reluctant. Many are just clich├ęs that people have from television. Of course, someone gets shit sometimes, but as I said, that also happens in real life, only with the difference that things from the TV Internet are always extremely exaggerated, perhaps because the media knows that it is the ravages of time and they can play with people's fears (for many, the Internet is still a book with seven seals and something like that goes down well).

On the other hand, I have had bad experiences at auctions with private individuals, there are sometimes people with a bit strange ideas (shipping for 10 euros, but then it is delivered in an old Pampers box ..) or some think they can get rid of their defective clutter for money .