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Color is dark gray blue metallic. What should choose the color of the car? Which color is the most practical and safest

Manufacturers in the global automotive industry offer a wide range of color cameras in every model line. But ultimately, the popularity of the color, rather the fashion for it, is determined by the vote of buyers' wallets. Although the choice of color on the purchased car depends on several essential values. This is psychology, cultural context, security, and expediency. The most important one is security. By the main or most common colors - white, black, red, silver, blue (green, etc.), the risks of an accident are roughly as follows:

White In the machine stream on the autobahn, the white car is the rest more diverse. This color visually enhances the objects and increases visibility on the road. Of course it is not in winter time .. In winter in snowy weather, white color machines are disadvantaged. According to statistics - "find" (accidents) white cars, usually black and generally dark guy.

The black one According to the traffic police statistics, most of the accidents are carried out with the participation of a black car. Causes - car merges with the color of the dark color of the asphalt and becomes less noticeable. Sitting in a solid black car, "solid" that doesn't like to ride slowly. Blue buckets on the roof, remove all restrictions on black car owners.

red Such a color greatly affects the body and increases aggressiveness. The owners of the red cars are the followers of the "lich" style of driving, convinced that interference on the road creates everything and moves in front. Right Red Car gives a sense of the speed of the speed of the speed and color. The illusion is created that the car will trim and settle in front of a walker. And the higher the speed, the greater the effect. Another optical illusion of red - looking at the moving car, it seems like it is moving faster than the rest and is much closer than it really is.

Silver gray) The weakest place of this color is the lack of presence in bad weather conditions. Silver (gray) cars are completely invisible in the rain veil. In addition, silver (gray) cars in the twilight pass it without signal lights, even "standing" is the most dangerous.

Blue (green etc.) From the owners of this color, you can expect something, so they often change their behavior on the street. Auto This color creates the illusion that it is way further than in fact.

The practicality of the color of the car

The practicality of the color of the car is another of the main indicators when choosing a car.

For example, when you go into the cab with a new car, the first thing that rushes to your eyes is spectacular white machines. Immediately better imagine the titanic labor to maintain this splendor in such a state.

The black color of the car is considered a mark, scratches and dust on which it is more diverse. To a very big minus refers - the heating of the car in summer time. Surgery.

Red color has the main drawback - it quickly burns in the sun. Accordingly, a red car, in terms of labor costs, compares with a white car.

The most practical color is considered silver. Fewer scratches are noticeable. Dust dirt is not highlighted on the silver car. For this one, over the past ten years, silver color has been the most popular in Europe over the past ten years.

Blue (green, etc.) - Marka. Particularly noticeable - dust and dirt from splashes. On expensive car blue, green, one-off etc. flowers, this condition of the car causes confusion. Accordingly, the practicability is very poor.

Eleven years in Europe, the most popular color car, was silver. This year, customer preference has changed to black, and this is 26% of respondents. White -19%. Silver -16%.

In the US in 2015, the most popular (unexpected) was white - 21%. Second place was taken from silver 20% and third place is black - about 20%. In Russia there are only statistics for 2014. Black color on the first, second silver and third - white. Determine the indicator when buying a car specific colorIs the "inner vision" of the future owner of a car, based on many, sometimes contradicting, factors. However, the safety factor must be the main thing.


Before choosing the color of the car, you need to place priorities for yourself. What is more important to you - practicality, safety and maybe beauty and individual color preferences? Anyone looking to buy a car should know that light and bright cars are more noticeable on the road than dark ones. According to statistics, they are less likely to fall into the accident. If you experience great doubts when choosing a color, then it is worth considering the pros and cons of all the main tones.

White color cars are quite popular today. White machines always attract views and are clearly visible on the road. On a hot summer day in a snow-white car is always a bit cooler, as this color reflects sun raysand don't give a salon to warm up. However, this is the least practical solution: dirt, rust and scratches will rush hard. If you have to paint something damage, it becomes the most problematic, because white paint is the most capricious of them all.

Black color is even more popular than white. Black machines look solid and effective. It is on black cars that senior officials and wealthy business people are preferred. However, if you want to choose the color of the car in terms of practicality, black is not the best the best kind. Dirt and body damage on a black background is very noticeable. Black color absorbs the sun's rays, the interior of the heater car absorbs the sun. In addition, the statistics according to statistics are black cars that most often fall into an accident because of bad conspicuous against the background of black asphalt and in the dark.

The most practical is the silver color. Dust, dirty splashes and physical damage to such machines are not noticeable. In summer, silver color, like white, reflects the sun's rays well, which does not allow the salon to overheat. In this case, the machine of this shade is always noticeable on the road. Silver neutral, so it doesn't get angry or bother.

Lovers stand out and attract attention, often buy red cars. Bright and sexy, this color really draws attention. Such machines are clearly visible on the road. However, there is a stereotype among drivers that there are predominantly women in red cars who are not all respected on the road. In addition, the red color has an exciting effect on the nervous system and can get boring quickly.

Blue color usually choose calm, confident drivers. Such machines are noticeable on the road, but when you approach it appears further than it actually is. Dirt, dust and damage on blue machines are quite noticeable, so this color cannot be called practically.

It is no secret colourdare First of all, it affects the safety of the road. In addition, its practicality depends on the color of the car. Cars are made of all the colors of the rainbow and dozens of their tones, but how do you choose "your" color?

You will need

  • Test for the definition of temperament


Most often in the accident, dark flowers - black, blue, gray and green. The reason for this is their imperceptibility to other participants in the movement, especially in poor weather conditions and in the dark. If the colors of cars are too bright, they are annoying to the motorist because they are a "stop signal" for them, which is often introduced into a stupor. Immediately several bright spots are significantly distracted.
If you are a novic driver, you must surely take a white or silver color machine - one less accident with attending one order.

Different colors require different care. Every scratch and chip can be felt on a dark car. Dirt and dust must also be tolerated in any weather and almost immediately after taking off from the car wash.
Light colors are less demanding when dust and dirt from the painting body melts together.
With light colors there will be special chips and scratches, but dirt and dust are fairly corrected. Light color is difficult to dye, so it is significantly distorted.

Buying the machine depends directly on a person's temperament. Nervous cholerics will not go red or yellow car - this color will irritate them in the inappropriate situation. Optimal colors for you There will be golden and greenish. Quiet and slow melancholics and Schleimmatika, light and causal tones are, on the contrary, suitable for "waking up" them on the street. A happy sanguines will go all colors, as this type of temperament reacts poorly to color shadows, and the emotions in doing so cause completely different events.

So You Can Do Brief Review The Most Common Colors Of Cars. The white color is perfectly noticeable on the road, visually enhancing the car and making it convenient for other participants in the movement. Unfortunately, however, in the winter season this function is lost due to snow - the car is almost merged with the road. Silver paint is convenient in operation, but in winter it is also lost on the snow-covered trail. Black car is the emergency. In addition, the black color is not practical, and the summer is very heated. The same fate unites blue and green cars.
Red and yellow machines create the illusion of overtaking and exaggerating speed, but generally quite safe.

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Thanks to the "illusion of vision" phenomenon, it seems that the bright car is farther than it really is. And for example red creates a high speed effect.

Helpful advice

Before choosing a car, consult with acquaintances, all the different impressions of the colors.

Well dare - The daresatisfy its owner looks, functionality and technical properties. It is the combination of all the indicators that correspond to all the requests from the consumer who gives him a good car.


Body Type Select in accordance with your preferences and function purpose. Automobile. A limousine looks like a facilitator for guidance purposes. A car or minivan will suit a large family. SUVs are recommended for travel and touring. Depending on the requirements for comfort, select the class of the vehicle - from the middle to the representative.

The choice of motor must meet the requirements of power, efficiency, dynamics of overclocking and fuel type. Small machines do not need more than 150 power, sedans - about 200. More powerful engines cost much more expensive, but give good advantage of speed and dynamics of overclocking. These indicators add confidence in overtaking and allow you to win you starts at traffic lights. Directly opposite the performance indicator - efficiency. When a dare It is widely used and is obliged to save the capital of the owner, pay attention to diesel engines. They are economical and durable. On the other hand, they also provide problems when starting in winter and are rather louder.

Select the transmission. Mechanical (manual) box - A classic solution, usually for experienced drivers. Simple, reliable and allows you to control the machine more precisely. Automatics make it easy to control: it's easier to touch, it's easier to ride around town. Disadvantages: slightly higher fuel consumption, complexity and high repair costs.

Select the drive type. Rear-wheel drive (classic) cars are reliable and time tested. However, on a slippery road, management becomes problematic. The front-wheel drives behave better on the road, more difficult to react to the steering movements. All-wheel drives are more taxable and more resistant on the road, but also more expensive to repair and operate due to increased fuel consumption. In addition, all-wheel drive cars are almost uncontrollable.

note technical service and guarantee. The most attractive warranty terms Do you have Japanese cars - up to 6 years warranty. It is these cars that have a reputation for being high quality. European brands do not give such guarantees, but guarantee services cost the owner twice as much.

An important value for everyday use is the level of equipment on the machine. Modern cars have more and more options in standard equipment. If there is little standard equipment, choose the richest level with a great comfort and safety. For additional devices (options) additional amounts of money must be deposited. Unfortunately, domestic cars imported in the most complete configuration are imported cars with basic equipment.

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Budget cars are an excellent choice. The secret of the attractiveness of these cars in the low running costs and affordable price. It is important to resolve what amount you are willing to buy a car.

Decide with the package. It is clear that the inexpensive is the basics. But will you please the sluggish engine, the unintended color of the body and the pourera of the interior decoration. Maybe a cheaper model in best picking. It will be more comfortable and interesting.

Provide the approximate cost of repairing inexpensive models. It also happens that the inexpensive car repairs as a luxury car. This is a kind of fee for the use of special assembly technologies that manufacturers use to reduce the cost and vacation price of the vehicle.

Feel free to check out the salons of famous manufacturers of golf-class cars and even more expensive cars. Everyone is interested in maximum sales. Therefore, even most premium brands have a special offer. In addition, almost all salons owned cars with mileage. And the prestigious brand's used car is likely to be in the quality and comfort of a new automaker of inexpensive cars. Your job is to ensure that the resource of the life of such a used car is exactly less than the guaranteed run of the new economy class. And you can afford the money that goes into getting the car in order.

We'll reflect if you can plan to buy at the end of the year. With approximation new year holidays. The prices for cars will be reduced significantly. This is because dealers are keen to sell with all of the remaining cars made in the ending year. Selling them next season will be much more complicated as such cars will officially be for years. At the end of the quarter, many companies pay prices and bonuses for their employees, so it is the job of car dealers and sellers to get that money to be spent on their cars, rather than on the furniture, a tourist trip, or a country house.

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›What color can a car choose?

To date, to our wonderful luck, automobile manufacturers offer a fairly large number of automatic colors.
First, we suspect to familiarize yourself with the opinion of researchers and psychologists.
In general, women pay more attention to the color of the future car, men are more concerned about its technical characteristics.
Men's preferences from year to year remain almost unchanged - black, blue, brown and silver color. At the moment, manufacturers often sell to sell white, orange, and red colors. For lovers who stand out from the crowd, there are now more options.
Women, as by observation, like completely different colors of cars, in this case, in this case also manufacturers much more observable, and cars from lovers of feminine shades began to appear in the market: blue, yellow, pink, lettuce, pink and others .
In our country there are predominantly female parties on green cars, but in Great Britain - this is more often a choice of men.
The psychological portrait of the driver who chooses this car is also sufficiently conditional, since he looked at many articles on the color preferences of individuals, naming all of our common trends only in relation to the machines of black and silvery colors. The remaining gradation can only be conditional.

The research and statistics show that a car color can affect safety, health and driving quality. There are also definitions of sexual attractiveness based on your choice of color.

Silver and graychoose people guided by the practical side as their own color settings. Because these people with high intelligence attacked those heights in life but they don't want too much attention. As a rule, they want to appear to someone who really doesn't really come from extra open reach. According to psychologists, silver color is a lie.
Gray is the color of the whole era. It was gray that it was pinned behind puritarian and post-war Britain and became a symbol of the collapse of the empire. It had an even more somber meaning in the old east, where strayed in a grief with ashes. In Russia, gray is a distinctive color of poor peasant clothes. But in the era of the revival, the attitude towards this color was different - it was considered one of the most elegant and elegant colors. Remember gray wigs, gray velvet, passport and satin. Today is gray - the most practical of all colors. "Noble mouse", in one word.
Security: And here in favor of gray and nothing to say. Grays smaller than others are noticeable on the road, and a gray car should be left on the road at dusk and even without signal lights.
Practicality: If you want to remain inconspicuous, you don't want to draw attention to your individual - the gray that you are perfect. Just take care of him. Well tell me the color of dirt and dust - what? True, gray. Hence, for people who are busy and easily lazy, gray, it is better not to come along.

BLACK COLORshows charm and classic driver preferences, thereby helping him to feel a superiority between the bright rust of other machines' colors. Usually they choose the best to impress people, people. You are not afraid to take risks in life or on the street. This is either socially weak people, hiding behind such an aggressive color, or too confidently but too short-sighted.
In Europe, "black" - the color of sorrow, sorrow and even angry. But in Japan it symbolizes joy.
Safety: Russian traffic politicians say in one voice that if someone falls at unbelievable speed, drifts through the traffic jams along the tramway, and even on the contrary in general, never misses the pedestrian, then it is probably a densely tinted black car. Statistics only confirms their words - most accidents are committed with the involvement of a black car. This is due to the fact that the car simply merges with the color of the dark asphalt and becomes less noticeable.
Practicality: Another problem with black machines is the visibility of dust and scratches. It's not even worth talking about quick heating. IN HOT WEATHER Black cars will give any sauna a chance. However, if you live in the northern country, I advise you to stop your choice on this color. Two rabbits will kill: safe (black looks great on white) and warm, even if the window is at least thirty.

WHITE COLOR The car suits the people who are trying to pull out, show their individuality, get rid of the feeling of inferiority. Although it's romantic, dreamy in nature. We can also say about the owners of White cars that they add too much value to the car as an accessory and try to increase their social status.
When choosing a "white" for your car, you have to decide who you will be in a larger degree - European or Oriental person. After all, one white is associated with cleanliness, youth and innocence, while for another color it mourns. Do not drive the same "white" car in China that you drive a white sedan somewhere in Geneva.
Safety: Of the doubted advantages of this color, the fact that in the summer in sunny weather in the white auto salon is much cooler than in dark colors. White practically does not attract heat.
In the automobile stream, a white car is the rest more diverse, which means safer.
White visually enhances the objects, which also improves your visibility on the road.
But in the snowy weather, the white color of the car turns its disadvantage: on white snow, the car is practically imperceptible. Taking into account the fact that the snow in Moscow is from November to April, it is necessary to seriously think about whether it is worth stopping your choice on a white machine.
Well, if you've bought a white car, beware of Black, Brown, and Burgundy "fellows". According to statistics, they are the most common of them in the white machines.
Practicality: when you go to the salon with new salon, polished to the brilliance of the car, the first thing thrown into your eyes - spectacular white machines. But do not rush to the conclusions. To keep this splendor, you need to do pretty work to spend significant bucks on cleaning and polishing supplies. Well, get ready for the disappointment that you will surely understand as you see how quickly your car lost a presentable look. Especially after the rain.

RED COLORimproves self-confidence, activates sexual energy as well as heels adrenaline. For his car, red often chooses confidently to himself who has achieved a high position in the individual company. They are not afraid to show themselves off and often have leadership attachments. This color means blood and power. Owners of such dyeing machines want to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to others.
In Norway, Mexico, Iraq and Russia are enthusiastic about red, in China the color of brides and even New Year The Chinese prefer to meet red: no other color contains so much energy and vitality. The Japanese do not support this point of view when looking at the red anger. In the Middle East, abandoning the red car is worth it if you don't want to be charged with serving the forces of Evil and Vice.
Security: Red affects the human body powerfully, sometimes increasing the aggressiveness, as if it heats the blood. Owners of red cars practice the incoming driving style, they cut and read that the interference on the road creates everything but them. The rattling mix is ​​red outside and inside (the inside) - and it's not recommended at all, although it looks very impressive. It is believed that red provoces stimulates testosterone emission to blood, thus increasing sexual attraction. That in the street, of course, inappropriate.
Basically, be fairly safe the owner of a red car. But lend themselves to the right of red cars to move! Thanks to the unusual overlapping speed and color, it creates the illusion that the car is cutting you and vibrating in front of your car. The higher the speed, the stronger the effect.
Another optical illusion of red deserves your attention - looking at the moving vehicle of red, it seems like it is moving faster than the rest and is much closer than it really is.
Practicality: Red looks spectacular, but remember, it burns quickly in the sun. For our country, where the sun is a rare guest, this is not a particular problem.
BLUE COLOUR The car carries the safe energy. It is usually chosen by the people who all see secret meaning. Girls can rarely be found behind the wheel of a blue car, however, as this color is more of a "masculine" color. Such drivers are for restraint, thoughtfulness and a little shy. They love a smooth ride and they deserve special attention down to the smallest detail.
In the ancient Egyptians, the blue color showed the truth and the truth. IN the modern world - West and East - he is honored, symbolizes courage, calm, strength and power.
Safety: With a man who has decided on a blue car is safe on the road, he will never become thoughtful and risky. Racing he thinks it's frivolous. But stretched out the cuvette to his colleague in the street and even dragged it (completely free) to the house itself - it's always please. "Blue" - real friends who know that the most important thing in life is mutual execution.
Practicality: if you are not ready to become a regular customer And the frequent guest of the car washes a different color.
YELLOWremembers their owners of ideological people, dreamy and romantic. Such people easily overcome all life problems, so relaxed. This color also helps in concentration of attention.
Yellow is the most popular after red in China, and extremely read in India, where splendor symbolizes. But in Syria it is the color of death. Europe is also pessimistic - yellow flowers are given to men during parting, and in the general cultural context yellow and a symbol of despair in general.
Safety: Physiologists claim that yellow activates brain activity and stays in the memory longer than other colors. It will not be possible to be invisible on the yellow car. It must be true that yellow visually decreases the distance.
Practicality: on the yellow car almost imperceptible traces of dirt, and they look very organic. As if it was designed that way.
GREEN COLOURchoose those who avoid the influence of another other person on their life, look to the whole new, unknown, but before that carefully weigh everything "for" and "against". A green machine can always rely on people who sit and drive. You are reliable and true.
Green is very popular in Australia, Ireland, Mexico and Russia. In China it is considered a symbol of luxury and in India - peace and hope. In the west, the reputation for safety and reliability was entrenched in the west (remember the legal traffic signal). But what about waving when the green flag is up in case the ship suffers disaster? And why the longing - green, snake - green and out of malice too tender?
Safety: Surprisingly, green car owners belong to the risk group - it is believed that they are expected to expect something whenever they change their behavior on the road. Green, however, and blue cars create the illusion that they are further than it actually is.
Practicality: diligently washed and green, definitely, impressive. But let's be realistic - more often we see a completely different picture, but one that doesn't spoil the impression. Let me remind you of a green car main element - its owner. Therefore, boldly look at a dark green car in the salon. Stupid and boring faces will not see there.

PURPLE Comes from the energetic red and purposeful blue color. About a person who sits behind the wheel of a purple car can say that he always achieves his goals, loves all sorts of adventures, and besides, took a certain position in society, since this is a majestic color that always appears in the clothes of the Kings. On the trail of the car purple color summary creates a "trusting situation".
Purple - one of the most complex spectral colors. The Germans are associated with grief, grief and pain, but the Japanese with love are passionate.
Security: "Violet" trust. They certainly do not arrange races for survival. Noticeable purple on the street, but it turns gray at dusk and at night. Like cats in the night.
Practicability: see blue
BROWN COLOUR Such a color choose conservative personalities who are occasionally kept under control to everyone. Braun helps the driver gain confidence that he is in control of every situation on the road.
In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, brown was brown, they were stained with tunics by slaves and rag proletarians. In the culture of Islam Brown - a symbol of decline and decomposition.
Safety: Brown cars pay little attention to themselves on the road in the dark, almost not paying attention to themselves. In difficult weather conditions, brown motorists recommend with headlights. But in winter in snowy weather, brown cars, on the contrary, are noticeable and expressive. Although he remembers our winters with their slush and gray-brown mass on the asphalt, it seems that brown - not the best choice For our latitudes.
Practicality: if you choose a soft pastel color brown, then the caring races will shrink twice. In other cases, the situation is the same as for all dark cars.

PINK COLOR Creates a feeling of security, relaxes. Cheerful color, which is often chosen by good but too trustworthy staff. Though sentimental.
This color looks great in nature. A blooming sakura is worth it! But the excess of pink in a person's life is not welcomed by any culture. A large number of pinks everywhere are considered to be signs of not serious intentions.
Safety: Despise drivers of pink cars on the streets. They are believed to be too much in the clouds instead of focusing on the current setting. "Rosa" themselves are absolutely harmless and very miles. They have high heels, long gel nails, and blonde hair. And it smells very sweet from them.
Practicability: The pink car always stays clean. That's the law of blondes.

BLUEHelps overcome shyness, fear. Behind the wheel of a blue car you will find a creative person who is slightly different from the rest, who is collected and spiritually developed. Blue color soothes and relaxes.
In India, the driver on the blue car will say that he is very truthful and is always fair. In China, something happened to a person (there is a blue - one of the flowers of sadness).
Safety: Blue, as a result of motorists' observations, often really disrupts the situation on the road, especially if it runs in front of your hood for about 20 minutes. It also goes unnoticed on a dazzling bright day when there isn't a single cloud in the sky. In the warmth, such a car especially merges with the color of the sky.
Practicality: Like on a light car, dirt and dust on which it is much less noticeable. But even this will be done by the majority of men in our country in our country on the car painted in blue. It's more of a feminine option, so the question goes away with mud and dust alone.

ORANGE COLOR Activity color, optimism, speed. Tries to feel the success and well being. As a rule, behind the wheel of an orange car, a person is energetic and has creative potential and a strong desire for life.
Orange - national color of Holland (not because of tulips?). In China - symbolizes hope for happiness and prosperity. But in Europe again twenty-five: Orange is the color of anarchy, chaos and protest.
Safety: People on the orange car always look into both ". This is explained by the fact that orange activates but at the same time not a nervous system that allows a person to feel energetic and happy without all sorts of stimulants.

The study of British scientists has shown that the sexiest color for women is silver. The second place of the woman was given black, and the third - red. Men who drive the cars of white, green and gray women are fundamentally not interesting.
In addition, the silver color of the car is not only a guarantee of a saturated sex life, but also the safety indicator of its owner on the road, explains the psychologist. According to official data of the silver car, 50% less likely to have serious accidents than cars of other colors.
Machines of white, yellow, gray, red, and blue are about the same risk level. Special hazards are the people who are behind the wheel of black, brown or green machines, as their risk falls into an accident and twice results in serious injuries.

But that's not all, scientists went further and found which birds are more likely to be cleared. The research team concluded that the slightest of birds left their marks on black and colored cars at sea wave. And most often the birds are "bombing" white cars, because this color is associated with predators. So from that point of view, silver cars win again!
Whichever color you choose, in any case it will be exactly what you have dreamed of and that one thing all congresses and graduation! Just like to buy!

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Choosing the color is the easiest way to customize the machine. This type of design is not prevalent, but you can show the owner's character. Today we are going to look at what is better to choose a color for the car and what factors should be taken into account.

Psychological aspect.

According to psychologists, it is possible to judge what character a person has based on the color of his car.
White. This is a calm and neutral shade, in conjunction with which the cars painted by him choose neat people who comply with the rules of movement. Her character is characterized by generosity, honesty, justice. In addition, this car color is believed to be chosen by people who hold high positions.
The black one. Psychologists believe that the color of the car is chosen to make people unsafe with the somber perception of life. Its main characteristics are sharpness and heat. Cars of the black color are more often participants in an accident.
Gray. How white, neutral. It is selected for the car, people whose character is distinguished by secrets, wisdom, suffering, insecurity. Your driving style is calm.
red. Such a bright color use for a car, people whose character is characterized by community, courage, will, strength, impulsiveness, aggressiveness. They are also typical of the aggressive driving style. Since the red color is a signal of danger, negatively noticeable on the street cars he has painted.
yellow. This shadow of the car is rare. It testifies to the intelligence, sociability, peace of mind, adaptability, phlegmatism of the owner.
orange. This color is considered less catchy, but more expressive than yellow. Choices of people most often have intuition but are prone to dishonesty. It's also found quite rarely.
green. Natural color. Owners painted cars most often serious, practical and occupied people. They walk quietly and see the car as a means of movement. At the same time, however, they are prone to rapid maneuvers and frequent changes of driving style. It is also believed that green color allows you to assert yourself, so it comes with insecure people.
Salad.. Despite the fact that this color is close to green, other people use it for cars. Your character is characterized by power. At the same time, they are viewed as stupid. On the road, drivers of such cars are also aggressive, often changing their driving style.
blue. The main characteristics of the owner of the car of this color are spirituality, purity of thoughts, melancholy. Usually the mature people are chosen for cars.
blue. This color is most often used for women in cars.
brown. This is the color of the conservatory and stability. For cars, they choose self-confident people, following traditions and family values.
pink. Mostly female option. The owner of the pink car differs in features such as sentimentality and varies. Other participants in the movement relate to them with contempt.
purple. People who prefer this color are distinguished by delicacy and spirituality. Her character is calm, as is her driving style.
silver. This shade is considered a sign of sexuality.
These are the main colors. Other unusual, exclusive, cool shades are much less common.


Car painting concerns safety in two ways. First of all, the visibility of the machine depends entirely on what color it is. In addition, this parameter varies under different conditions. Also on the color of the car it can be assumed what style the owner is in. In addition, it should be assumed which color is the most susceptible to theft.
White. This paint can be considered the safest for the car, since the cars they paint are well noticeable in all conditions. In addition, because of the visual elevation of the items, White makes the cars even more noticeable. The exception is the snowy weather, when white cars are difficult to take into account on the background of the snow. According to statistics, they mostly represent weak, burgundy cars and brown flowers. White cars don't hijack very often as they are very catchy.
The black one. On the contrary, this color car is the most dangerous. In part, this is due to the fact that weak lighting makes black lighting hard to spot. Unlike white, best employees, if black cars are clearly visible, it's snowy weather. Such machines often hijack, but less often than Silver and White. In many ways, the popularity of the hijackers is determined by the class.
Gray. This color can also be considered the most dangerous for the car. This is explained by the fact that in some conditions, such as rainy weather or twilight, gray cars can see even worse than black. They are also kidnapped by others, as most of the time the car is painted so that they are invisible.
red. Thanks to the brightness, the red cars are very clearly visible. In addition, when in motion, this color creates optical illusion, which is why it appears that the subject is closer and moving faster than in fact. Therefore, the surrounding drivers stop on red cars further than from others. In addition, they are rarely kidnapped.
yellow. Very bright, so the cars are well painted, are well noticeable. Yellow, however, creates optical illusions opposite the effects of red. That is that the car is such a color, seems further than in fact. The hijackers didn't ask such machines.
orange. Although this color is not so bright, the machines they paint are highlighted in the stream, because of which they can be felt. In addition, orange stimulates the nervous system. Because of the low prevalence, the likelihood that abduction is small.
green. Machines of this color are also very noticeable, but they create a similar effect, similar to yellow, that is, visually the distance. The likelihood of such cars being stolen is low.
Salad.. It is very safe because such a car is light, so it is easily noticeable in any lighting, like white. In contrast to him, salad cars are more visible in snowy weather.
blue. In the safety indicators, very close to green and creates the same visual effect of increasing distance. Such machines are rarely invited, but more often than green, yellow and red.
blue. Incair as it is complicated to perceive. The chances of hijacking blue cars are low.
brown. This color is close to black, which means the painted cars are almost as difficult to see in low light, and only in snowy weather are the weather not clearly visible. Also uninteresting kidnappers.
pink. According to the degree of visibility in different conditions, the color of the lettuce is close to the color of the lettuce, as well as the likelihood of kidnapping, therefore, one of the safest color options for cars.
purple. In the conditions good lighting the machines of this color are highlighted in the creek, but at dusk according to the degree of sighting they are close to gray. Almost unsightly.
silver. The light color it is clearly visible in all conditions except for rainy weather. Such cars are very popular with hijackers, like Gray.


This aspect mainly takes into account which color is the most such.
White. Very brand. Any contamination can be felt on it, so that white machines quickly lose their external attractiveness, especially in damp conditions.
The black one. However, also in contrast to white, said in dry conditions, since dust is particularly noticeable. Also, black is well shown, all paint coating defects. After all, such machines are very hot in the sun.
Gray. On the contrary, the most practical, such as weak pollution and small flaws, are almost imperceptible.
red. Not very practical as it has a tendency to burn apart in the sun.
yellow. Dirt is well noticeable on such machines, but the dust is almost invisible.
orange. Yellow up close, but better so darker, and the dirt is a little less noticeable.
green. Not very practical Cleans both dirt and dust.
Salad.. Close to yellow.
blue. Close to green.
blue. It is very convenient as dust and dirt shows badly.
brown. It's similar to dark colors, with the exception of light shades which are better because dust is less noticeable.
pink. Close to yellow.
purple. Similar to blue.
silver. Similar to gray, therefore the most practical color.

Regarding the question: "What is better to choose a color?" - It is impossible to answer unequivocally as many are initially geared towards preferences. In addition, used car buyers initially do not have the option to choose, however, the jetty allows you to choose all tones, including unusual, unaffordable and when buying a new machine. If you are interested in practicality, it is better to choose gray or silver. In terms of safety, there is a better salad, orange, red. To protect yourself from kidnapping, you should choose unusual, exclusive, cool shades. In this sense, which class machine also counts.