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Mechanical Personal Scales Guide & Comparison 2021

Hello, I'm Gregor and I've put this page together. First you will find an overview of various mechanical bathroom scales of our choice, followed by a survey and a guide on the subject of mechanical bathroom scales. Further down on the page, we will then link to further articles or reviews, and at the end you can add your own mustard in the comments.

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The 11 mechanical bathroom scales of our choice

in a clear comparison
ADE 308800 Clinica. Reliable, analog
130 KG scale analog people white
ADE mechanical personal scales M 308800 Clinica. Reliable, analog XL bathroom scales in the classic doctor scales design. Large, non-slip weighing surface and robust metal housing. Retro look. White
Terraillon mechanical bathroom scales, large rotating scale, 120kg, T61, black
Salter mechanical bathroom scales up to 150 kg - analog bathroom scales with large display & doctor-style scale, analog bathroom scales including non-slip + large surface (white / black)
Karcher mechanical bathroom scales, Libro in retro design - analog scales, up to max. 136 kg
Soehnle Analog Loupe bathroom scales, silver, scales with a load capacity of 130 kg, bathroom scales with 1 kg divisions, body scales for good stability
Adler bathroom scales, mechanical, white, multicolored, one size fits all
Trevi Idea ES 64700 mechanical bathroom scale
Mechanical personal scales up to 130 KG scales analogue people white
Beurer MS 01 mechanical bathroom scales, white
SCALESON S220 Mechanical bathroom scales in retro design, max. 150kg
WENKO mechanical bathroom scales - analog body scales up to 130 kg, metal, 27 x 4.5 x 26.5 cm, white
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This tabular comparison should not be confused with a mechanical personal scales test, in which the mechanical personal scales are tested in detail. External tests are linked further down on the page.

Evaluation of the survey: Popular mechanical bathroom scales

Every month we analyze exactly which products are most popular with our users:

Which mechanical bathroom scales would you buy online? (February 2021)

  • 50% (7 votes) ADE mechanical bathroom scales M 308800 Cli ...
  • 35.71% (5 votes) Korona 76660 Mechanical bathroom scale Lou ...
  • 7.14% (1 votes) Salter mechanical bathroom scales Weiss Sch ...
  • 7.14% (1 votes) Soehnle analogue bathroom scales Tempo White ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Terraillon mechanical bathroom scales, large ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Adler bathroom scales, mechanical, broken ...
  • 0% (0 votes) Beurer MS 01 Mechanical bathroom scales, white
  • 0% (0 votes) Salter Dr. Style Mechanical Bathroom Scales ...

14 votes in total.

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Mechanical bathroom scales guide

Illustration: ADE 308800 Clinica. Reliable, analog from ADE

The number of bathroom scales on the market is more diverse than ever. For a long time, electronic scales and body analysis scales, also known as body fat scales, dominated the range as the latest models. But the mechanical bathroom scales can still be found and, despite the modern competitors, are still very popular with many users, which is due to the stylish retro design and the simple, reliable weight determination, a long service life and energy savings. What should you watch out for when buying mechanical and analog body composition scales?

Mechanical and analog body composition scales - Safe, simply stylish

Function, minimum and maximum weight

The function of the mechanical body analysis scales, which can still be found in many households, is very simple: The scales in private use have steel springs, which are tightened when the weighing plate (also pressure plate) is pressed and set the analog display in motion so that the corresponding weight is displayed becomes. Often a minimum load of a few kilograms has to be expended for this - the display starts at 0 to 10 kilograms, depending on the model. Accordingly, the minimum value only needs to be taken into account if small children are also to use the scale. For some people, the maximum weight also plays a role. This is in the range from 130 to 150 kg. If a higher body weight is determined, special obesity scales are on offer. The maximum and minimum weight should be based on the heaviest or lightest person in the household. Most analog bathroom scales can be easily calibrated using a rotating mechanism that influences the spring tension.

Design and display

The design plays an important role for many who are interested in personal scales with mechanical determination: the simple turntable or a movable pointer meet the simple colors of the scales and are rounded off by an elegant metal or plastic housing. The model is popular with everyone who either opts for simple minimalism or an upbeat retro design. The size of the display and the readability also play a role for many friends of the analogue models. With large numbers and a clearly readable display, regular weighing becomes a simple game. Some users also rely on the mechanical, analog design because of the familiarity and reliability of the traditional scales.

Quality and care

The choice of bathroom scales based on quality is based on the workmanship of the housing and a secure stand: The scales should offer enough space to safely step on and enjoy a simple stand. Stable feet also ensure that the scale does not slip during use. A stable housing with a closed surface ensures that the bathroom scale is protected from moisture and moisture. The mechanical bathroom scales are occasionally maintained with a damp cloth or with the help of a mild cleaning agent.

The alternative: electronic scales and body composition scales

The alternative to simple and proven mechanical body composition scales are digital personal scales and body composition scales. These determine the weight using electronic methods and show the result on a digital display. Body analysis scales are the further development of the principle and measure the body fat content, water and muscle content using a fine voltage that is passed through the body. The result is very often imprecise, so that most manufacturers point out not to forego the body fat analysis of doctors for control in the event of illness. The main advantage of the analog, mechanical body composition analyzer is that no batteries have to be used. The traditional scales can be used for a very long time and are therefore more environmentally friendly.

Mechanical bathroom scales tests & other reports

New: our editorially supported list of further reports. The Internet is full of mechanical bathroom scales tests, in which technical data are compared, but the products are rarely really tested (we therefore clearly refer to our overview as a "comparison" and by no means a "test"). So we have made it our business to distinguish supposed tests from honest test reports and to list the most helpful tests, reports, discussions and useful information about mechanical bathroom scales for you here:

Personal scale test 2016 ›ConsumerWELT.de
The large bathroom scales test 2016 with extensive advice However, the mechanical or analog bathroom scales have a ...
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Personal scales - the best for inspectors, comfortable and ...
The scales in the test cost from 13 to 150 euros, three work mechanically, 16 electronically. Personal scales 01/2014 - mechanical. ...
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3 mechanical bathroom scales tested by Stiftung Warentest 01/2014
lll➽ In comparison: 3 mechanical bathroom scales in a comparison test - Stiftung Warentest - You can't get an exact determination of your body weight ...
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Personal scales test 2016 & Stiftung Warentest comparison - test ...
Soehnle Certified Classic XL: This mechanical bathroom scale is still one of the top 10 tested by Stiftung Warentest. In general, this scale has ...
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Personal scales in the test: Accurate, at least with weight - SRF
"Stiftung Warentest" has tested bathroom scales. In the test: 19 mechanical and digital scales, some with body fat analysis. Conclusion: The ...
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Inaccurate bathroom scales - WDR
Whether analog or digital bathroom scales - in our sample they have a difference of up to four kilos. Inaccurate bathroom scales | Service time | | 03:43 min. To calibrated scales | more · Testing of bathroom scales | more. ...
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Tips from YouTube on the subject of mechanical bathroom scales

today - TZS First Austria - Mechanical personal scales blue up to 130 kg, analog personal scales, Seniore

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Conclusion on the mechanical bathroom scales guide & comparison 2021

Finally, we would like to explain our evaluation criteria for our mechanical bathroom scales comparison so that you can better understand our recommendations and our evaluation process. You are also advised to keep your eyes peeled for short-term offers in 2021, because cheap bargains can quickly make a product attractive even with mechanical bathroom scales!

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