Who uses SketchUp and why

FAQ SketchUp - Frequently asked questions

01. Questions about downloading, installing and authorizing?

In the SketchUp Help Center you will find information on all important questions about the use of SketchUp.

  • Download SketchUp
  • Install SketchUp
  • Transferring SketchUp to a new computer
  • Remove the license from an installed version of SketchUp
  • Authorize SketchUp Pro - Single User
  • Authorize SketchUp Network
  • Migrating from a previous version of SketchUp
  • Uninstall SketchUp

02. What can I do with SketchUp?

You can use SketchUp to develop 3D models of anything you can think of. SketchUp is easy to learn and use. The program was developed primarily for the conception phase of the design.

People use SketchUp to develop architectural, mechanical, landscape, and woodworking models. SketchUp is also used to create game levels, as well as sets and storyboards for films and TV shows.

SketchUp can export models in many different 3D and 2D formats. Many of the standard CAD programs can import and process files exported from SketchUp.

03. Is there a training course for SketchUp?

Of course, you can receive in-depth training from us. Just ask for a quote. Further information on training dates and locations as well as tutorials and exercises for self-study can be found here.

Training courses and videos

04. What hardware and software requirements are there for SketchUp?

05. What types of files can I import into SketchUp?

You can use the "File› Import "command to import various types of 2D and 3D files.

  • JPEG image (.jpg)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  • Tagged Image File (.tif)
  • Targa File (* .tga)
  • Windows Bitmap (.bmp)
  • 3D models and information:
  • SketchUp (.skp)
  • Google Earth Terrain. Note: You can use the current image of the terrain image currently displayed in Google Earth - as a black and white snapshot - by clicking the "Get Current View" button. Two versions of the terrain image are then imported: 2D and 3D. You can switch back and forth between these images by clicking the "Toggle Terrain" button. The terrain pictures are for reference only. They are not transferred when you place your model in Google Earth. The images contain a reference to the latitude and longitude of the location in Google Earth. Hence, you can use it for shadow studies as well. Google Earth does not export its own 3D buildings (the buildings that appear when you select the 3D Buildings layer in Google Earth). This information is licensed and cannot be passed on. Therefore, you cannot import these buildings into SketchUp.
  • 3DS (.3ds) Note: If you want a 3DS import file to contain textures, you must save the texture files in the same folder as the 3DS file itself before importing.
  • ACAD (.dwg, .dxf)
  • DEM (.dem, .ddf)

06. Can I export my SketchUp models to other programs or formats?

You can export 3D models in various 2D and 3D formats to other programs:

  • To export 2D images of your models:
  • JPEG image (.jpg)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)
  • Tagged Image File (.tif)
  • Windows bitmap (.bmp).
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Encapsulated PostScript Format (.eps)
  • Epix (.epx)
  • AutoCAD (.dwg, .dxf)
  • Place models in Google Earth. You can place SketchUp models in Google Earth using the Place Model command. SketchUp will automatically detect which version of Google Earth you are using (3 or 4) and create the appropriate .kmz file. (The new versions of Trimble SketchUp and Google Earth now support displaying textures and images in Google Earth.)
  • Export a Google Earth file directly to .kmz (Google Earth 3 or 4) format. Google Earth 3 files can be viewed in either version of Google Earth. However, textures are only displayed in Google Earth 4. Google Earth 4 files cannot be viewed in Google Earth 3.
  • Share SketchUp models with others in the 3D warehouse. When you upload models that have a location in Google Earth, both a SketchUp (.skp) and a Google Earth 3 (.kmz) file are created. If you are using the new version of Trimble SketchUp (downloaded on or after June 12, 2006), a Google Earth 4 (.kmz) file is also created when you upload it.
  • Export animations and tours as MOV or AVI files.
  • Export animations as 720p HD videos in H.264, AVI and WebM formats.
  • Export 3D models in additional formats:
  • 3DS (.3ds)
  • AutoCAD DWG (.dwg)
  • AutoCAD DXF (.dxf)
  • FBX (.fbx).
  • OBJ (.obj)
  • XSI (.xsi)
  • VRML (.vrml)

07. Do you have any questions about network licensing for SketchUp Pro?