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Get more Twitch followers | In 5 steps

The number of yourTwitch followers and their loyalty is everything as crucial Twitch streamer. Regardless of whether you are a hobby gamer or a professional gamer: Twitch is no fun without a viewer. Because what's the point of streaming when nobody is watching, commenting and inspiring?

Also: Twitch.tv can become really lucrative with an Amazon Associates partnership, subscriptions and donations. To do this, however, it is necessary to have a large number of Twitch followers and to constantly expand them. Then these fans can even help you to earn really good money with your favorite leisure activity!

Your emport team is familiar with online marketing. That is why we have examined for you which components are needed to be successful on Twitch.tv and to get more Twitch followers. Don't worry: you don't have to take off your clothes or study business administration - that's a promise!

Get more Twitch followers in 5 steps:

  1. Build your own brand - Market yourself
  2. Be authentic - Be yourself
  3. Increase your awareness- Show what you can do
  4. Be King of the hill – Get found in the Twitch search
  5. Get known -Make a name for yourself on Twitch.tv

But before we reveal the secret weapons to more viewers, here are the marketing basics for a successful Twitch, Youtube or Instagram channel:

Define your target group on Twitch

Who should watch you stream, who should subscribe to your channel and who should comment the most and give donations? Your followers are likely not just viewers, but may also be streamers themselves. In any case, gamers who want to learn the latest strategies for Fortnite, CS: GO or LoL. Others may just want to be entertained by you and your channel.

Twitch.tv is a tight-knit community that understands each other and has developed its own language. So don't pretend to be yourself, but use this target group analysis in your favor. How do your viewers talk on Twitch? What are you currently celebrating? Which topics are you moving? These are the important questions you should be able to answer from a marketing perspective.

The competition never sleeps

Who are your favorite streamers, who do you subscribe to, which gamer has the most fans and success on Twitch?Take a closer look at your streaming and playground and learn from the best:

How often do you stream which games, what does your channel look like and which overlays do you use? In any case, they are one step ahead of you, because they already know the following tricks for more followers. So now it's time for us to let you in on the secret too:

1. Build your own brand

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room", that's what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said about personal branding. Self-marketing is extremely important for streamers and YouTubers, because their own channel makes them a brand themselves. Actively influence what defines your brand!

So think about: what do you stand for? What games do you specialize in? Are you the funny guy who always has a joke and who the Twitch followers appreciate for his entertainment value or are you the expert who knows valuable hacks and tricks and who captures viewers with his knowledge? Make it clear how you want to be perceived and invest time in yourself and your brand.

You don't have to buy expensive crap for that. Even with simple changes, you can stand out on Twitch. How about, for example, if you decorate your room (at least the part that can be seen while streaming) to match your game or your gamer name? Or put on your signature shirt / cap / jewelry ... that people will recognize you by.

2. Be authentic on Twitch

Keep it real! Regardless of whether you're an actor, athlete, YouTuber or Twitch streamer, whoever is authentic and doesn't pretend is more popular with fans. The audience loves people who are just like themselves and with whom you can identify.

This is why YouTubers and streamers are real fan magnets. They do not represent the interests of companies, associations or advertising partners. They stream because they love gaming and want to exchange ideas with like-minded people. If you then reach a lot of people and earn money with it, that's a great side effect.

Of course there are also exceptions. The gamers who try to push their audience numbers through bare skin and other dirty tricks. But this is quickly seen through by the fans and is not exactly welcomed in the Twitch community. Therefore, do not try to play someone who you are not at all.That looks believable and brings you and your brand Trust. This is how you gain the trust of your Twitch followers with your honest manner and are loved for who you are: you!

3. Increase your awareness

Show what you can and provide your viewers with high quality content! Are you fortnite pro? Then no shame, tell your fans what you can do and what followers can expect on your Twitch channel. You can do this, among other things, with a unique channel design that can be made on emport.net.

Professional streamers lead the way: The game and the character of the gamer are reflected in the Twitch channel. You should underline the whole thing with additional information in your profile. What does a follower get, why is a subscription worthwhile, why should viewers donate?

There are many ways to add value to the viewer. For example, you can offer special competitions for subscribers, distribute credits and reward your viewers for staying tuned. In general, however, the following applies: For a high-quality and professional impression, you should include an individualized overlay. This is how you signal the value of your channel and create trust.

4. Make yourself King of the hill

Only those who are found have the opportunity to become known and successful. Regardless of whether it is on Google or on Twitch: if you don't come to the first search page, you won't be found. Or do you regularly click on the second page of the search results? No, just.

Gamers with the greatest reach, i.e. most of the Twitch followers and viewers, are displayed near the top. Those who stream regularly will be rewarded by Twitch.tv with a high ranking. And the higher up you are shown, the more trust and competence you signal to potential viewers.

A memorable and original name increases the chances that viewers will remember you and recognize you again.

Our insider tip on the way to King of the hill is definitely your own overlay that will make you stand out from the crowd. The following screenshot is worth a thousand words. With us you can now your own Twitch overlay Have it made to match your name.

5. Become a streaming star

Don't we all dream of fame and honor as a whole? How about if you become really popular and famous with your stream !? A real Twitch star! First of all: The really big gamers not only invest a lot of time and sweat in their stream, but also money.

Nevertheless, you can take the first step towards a Twitch career with small, simple and, above all, cheap tricks. Communicating vision and values ​​authentically and credibly, cleverly using personal branding and responding to viewers are a good start.

Even at the beginning, a nice Twitch design, i.e. tailor-made overlay, alerts, screen sets and cover photos, is a point that sets you apart from the other beginners. In this way, occasional viewers become loyal fans who linger longer on your channel. You can increase this by encouraging them to chat or take part in campaigns. Show yourself on the net, this is how you make your brand credible and create trust.


Now you already know some tricks to get more Twitch followers. Do you need more? Now it's up to you! Go do your thing! Here is an overview of the most important key points for you:

  1. Analyze your target audience: Who follows, who subt, who chats?
  2. Learn from the pros: Check out tricks from the best and find out who your competitors are!
  3. Make yourself a fire and market yourself!
  4. Stay who you are: who pretends to lose!
  5. Be the Ferrari among gamers and deliver high quality content!
  6. Get reviews and let me recommend you!
  7. Rise and Shine! You too can have a great time on Twitch - get started!