Will Vegeta learn Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super: Son-Goku at the end - Will Vegeta be the new superhero of the series?

"Dragon Ball Super" - change at the top?

In 2018 the first "Dragon Ball Super" film was released in Japan. "Broly" then found its way to Germany in January 2019. With a gross profit of $ 124 million worldwide, the adventure was ranked 12th among the most successful anime films of all time. In it, the popular opponent returns for the fourth time after he was already in the "Dragon Ball Z" films "The legendary Super Saiyan", "Broly's return" and "Attack of the organic fightersBroly is an extremely strong Saiyan who hates Goku. As babies they lay next to each other in the nursery and after Goku kept screaming, an anomaly developed in Broly's head that triggered his hatred.

The manga completely skips the story of the most recent movie. Instead, the next opponent is already waiting in it: Moro. The Capricorn-like magician can absorb energy from entire planets and in this way becomes stronger and stronger. Son-Goku and Vegeta are from the galactic patrol recruited to stop him, but the two have no chance. Even Goku can't do much in Ultra Instinct mode. To stop the villain after all, Vegeta retreats to the planet Yadrat. It was there that Son-Goku had once learned the current teleportation - a technique that certainly does not help against Moro. So what is Vegeta up to?

Whatever new skill he learns, he teleports (!) himself back to the fight against Moro and transforms into the Super Saiyan Blue, which we already know from the Tournament of Power. We'll find out whether that really helps and which ace Vegeta conjures up up his sleeve on June 18thwhen the next "Dragon Ball Super" chapter is released. It is not yet known when the new stories will appear as a series. There has been a lack of supplies here since 2018. In Germany the episodes were last at ProSieben Maxx to see.

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