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Moments of pleasure with the right vacuum jug

Vacuum jugs - all-rounders for every household

Vacuum jugs can be found in almost every household. Whether classic made of stainless steel or plastic in bright colors - in numerous different shapes they are real eye-catchers on the table set with coffee mugs, porcelain dishes and cakes. Because their insulating effect guarantees delicious and, above all, hot enjoyment of coffee, tea & Co. over a period of up to twelve hours, vacuum jugs should not be missing in the office, at parties or over coffee with family and friends.

True coffee lovers know that really good coffee can also taste delicious cold - cold brew is the new keyword - but at the perfect temperature it is still the greatest pleasure for most coffee drinkers. The Germans' favorite drink shouldn't be drunk too hot. While the ideal temperature for brewing coffee is around 90 to 96 ° C, the ideal drinking temperature is significantly lower, namely around 60 ° C. Of course, you don't have to pull out the thermometer straight away. If the coffee mug can be touched by hand without it being too hot, the coffee has reached the right temperature and is a real treat for all coffee lovers!

Hot, but not bitter please

Insulated coffee pots are much more suitable for keeping freshly brewed coffee warm than hot plates or warmer, because the aroma changes very quickly on these and the coffee becomes bitter.

But why does coffee stay hot in a vacuum jug?

The effect is inside the vacuum jug
Temperature differences equalize from warmer to colder - that says the second sentence of thermodynamics. But how does the vacuum jug keep the temperature inside the jug from adjusting to the outside temperature?

  • The jug is equipped with a double-walled insulating flask made of either glass or stainless steel.
  • Regardless of the material, the function of the piston is the same: there is a vacuum between the two walls that prevents the heat from being released from the jug to the outside.

If you look into a vacuum jug with a glass flask, you will see that the inside is silvery. The reflective inside of the warming jug also ensures that less heat can escape. The reason for this is the reflective effect. Hot bodies such as a vacuum jug filled with coffee give off part of the heat via thermal radiation. This heat radiation is reflected by the reflective inside and thus kept inside the jug.

The insulating flasks from EMSA, for example, keep coffee or tea hot and aroma-fresh for twelve hours. The flask is made up of five layers: two layers of tempered glass preserve the aroma. Two additional layers of real silver take over the heat reflection for optimal insulation. Finally, a vacuum layer provides additional thermal insulation. But it is not just the interaction of the five layers that makes the break-proof piston so unique. It is mouth-blown and made by hand.

Why hot drinks keep their temperature in the vacuum jug: 

  • The internal insulating piston enables heat to be stored.
  • In vacuum jugs with glass flasks, the reflective inside also ensures that less heat can escape.

Turn, tap, press: the right fastener

A secure closure is also an important criterion for a good vacuum jug.

Warming jugs: what types of closures are there?
The EMSA vacuum jugs are equipped with different closures:

  • Easy Open Closure: With the Easy Open closure, portions are served exactly. All you need to do is press the lever to pour - and nothing stands in the way of hot or cold treats.
  • Quick Press & Quick Tip closure: The Quick Press and Quick Tip closures enable precise, drip-free pouring with one hand - either by pressing a button or by fingertip and are 100% leakproof.
  • Basic screw cap: A quarter turn is enough and the jug is ready to be poured. 100% dense for 100% aroma.
  • Aroma Control: A coffee pot that shows whether the coffee is still tasty? Only Aroma Control can do that. An integrated aroma disc in the 100% tight basic screw cap allows the precision needle to deflect to the right as soon as freshly brewed coffee comes into the pot. If the drink loses its taste, the needle moves back to the left. So coffee lovers can always be sure that only the best aroma comes into the coffee mug or cup.

Support the longevity of vacuum jugs

Cleaning warming jugs: tips and tricks
Whether in the machine or washed yourself: After long periods of use, coffee or tea residues often settle in the vacuum jug and sometimes unpleasant smells are added. With these three tips - from the fixed solution to the more time-consuming variant - vacuum jugs can be cleaned and can be used for as long:

  • The fixed variant: One to two teaspoons of table salt or a dish cloth mixed with hot water will quickly make the jug look like new again. Shake vigorously once, please!
  • Just let it stand: Pour a sachet of baking powder with hot water and let everything work for half an hour. Then rinse thoroughly and enjoy the new sheen of the vacuum jug!
  • Goodbye to smells: To get rid of annoying odors, denture cleaners are also suitable. These usually loosen the dirt from the dentures, but they also clean your coffee pot thoroughly. The magic word for this variant is also hot water. Simply pour on the tab, shake and everything is clean!

EMSA has at least a five-year guarantee on all vacuum and pump jugs, for example the ELEGANZA or the PRONTO.

Teapots for unique moments of pleasure

For a little break from the stressful everyday life, treat yourself to a large cup of tea - preferably from an EMSA teapot "Made in Germany". These keep the tea hot for up to 12 hours and, thanks to the aroma tea strainer, also aroma-fresh.

By the way: the tasty tea leaves develop their full aroma at a brewing temperature of between 50 ° C and 95 ° C. Let it cool down a bit and just enjoy.