What are the loneliest lighthouses

758. The loneliest lighthouse in the world

The loneliest lighthouse in the world

A stately lighthouse was enthroned on a rock in the middle of nowhere. Every night he threw his unmistakable light towards the darkness to show the ships the way and to warn them of shoals and reefs.
As he did every evening, the old lighthouse keeper, who had been on duty here for fifty years, went up the steep spiral staircase to light the beacon. Then he went back down the stairs and sat in his large, heavy leather armchair to read a book.
From where he sat he looked at the huge bookshelf. What should he leaf through tonight while making sure the beacon didn't go out? He did not know. He had read each of his books at least three times.
"I'm bored," sighed the lighthouse keeper.
Not for the first time was he annoyed that he had chosen this lonely profession in which nothing ever happened, in which he never met other people and remained to himself.
“Maybe I should have been a bus driver or a teacher. Museum guide is definitely on a great job. Then I would get together with a lot of people every day and have people to talk to. But I'm all alone here. "
He picked up a large cup of coffee that was on a small table next to him and took a sip.
At that moment he heard a loud crack. Something had happened very near the lighthouse.
"I hope no ship hit the rocks there."
The lighthouse keeper was startled. Was the beacon still on? He ran up the stairs quickly and looked. Everything was in order. Then he ran back and opened the door.
It wasn't a ship that made the noise. It was a ... yes, what was it?
It looked like a giant saucer that you put under your coffee. Behind one of the windows sat a creature that the lighthouse keeper had never seen in his life. It was green all over, and articulated antennae protruded from its head. "Are you hurt?" He called in panic. "Do you need help?"
The stranger looked around a bit dazed, but then climbed out of his vehicle.
"I'm sorry," he stuttered. "I mistook your light for a space highway sign and missed my exit."
He looked at the damage to the saucer. "Damn it. That looks like more than just a sheet metal damage. I can't get out of here alone. I'll have to be towed. "
The stranger, who seemed to have come from another planet, looked up at the beacon in the lighthouse.
“Why do you cast such a bright light into the sky with your tower? What use is that supposed to have? "
The lighthouse keeper explained that this would be quite normal on Earth. So the ships at sea were shown the safe way to the port.
The stranger looked around and scratched his green head between the two feelers.
"Sea? Ships?"
He shook his head. “Which of us is from another planet? You or me? ”He asked the lighthouse keeper.
“Have a look around. Which sea do you mean? I can't find any here. "
The lighthouse keeper looked around. In the light of the saucer's headlights, he could see far further than he was used to.
"My goodness!" He was startled. "You're right. My lighthouse is in the middle of a mountain top in the mountains. Now I am no longer surprised that I have never seen a ship pass here and that nobody comes to visit me. People must think I'm completely crazy. "
He laughed so hard that he had to hold on to his stomach. Then he thanked his green visitor and put out the beacon on his lighthouse for the last time in his life.

(c) 2019, Marco Wittler