What are burlesque music

Music lexicon: what does burlesque mean?

Burla, burlesque (1882)

Burla (ital.) = the joke, the farce; hence burlando, burlesco, burlescamente = joking, comical, farcical - and burlesque, Burletta = a lowly comical operetta. [Reissmann Handlexikon 1882, 64]

Burlando, Burlesco, Burlescamente (1840)

Burlando or Burlesco, Burlescamente, joking, funny; requires an easy lecture. Also the naming of a piece of clay that falls into the ridiculous through short repetitions in harmony and melody. [Gathy Encyclopedia Music Science 1840, 53]

Burlesk, Burlesco (1807)

Burlesque, Burlesco. "The burlesque is a genre of the ridiculous. Everything ridiculous (says Eberhard in his Handbuch der Aesthetik) is either in the thoughts and their designation, or in the figures, or in the actions. The ridiculous in the thoughts and their designation is the burlesque . "

That from which this ridiculous thing arises must be the infinity of the secondary ideas with the main ideas in general. Hence the pomposity that arises from the socialization of large surroundings with petty objects is a rich source of [sic] burlesques. [Koch Concise Dictionary Music 1807, 64]