How often do you rearrange your room

Remodel the room

Sometimes it just has to be something new: We want to clean out, redesign and renew! With just a few resources, colored accents and a few new accessories, you can give your rooms a completely new look. With the following tips you can bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

Redesign the room in 5 steps:

  1. Sorting out and redecorating
  2. Color through textiles
  3. Redesign white walls
  4. flowers and plants
  5. New accessories

For those in a hurry, click here to redesign your room at a glance.

1. Sort out, move furniture and redecorate

Often the key is reduction Focus on the essentials to lay. Start by sorting out and getting rid of the unnecessary. Then you have more space to implement your ideas.

The reduction in color also makes the choice of colors clearer. Differentiated color gradations make a room come alive. Accordingly, the fewer different colors are used, the quieter it becomes. Right from the start, think about which colors and which style your room should have so that it later looks harmonious and everything fits together.

If the room is large enough, there may be some move furniture. A new arrangement of furniture changes the scenery of the room, new priorities are set. Also dare to put something in the room and not just along the walls.

Rediscover the old and new decorate existing accessories in new places. Think of the other rooms as well and do not just exchange the small pieces of furniture and accessories within one room. This is how you create a fresh look, even without new furniture.

Redecorate shelves and put your design favorites and personal souvenirs in the limelight.

"Bookshelves are mostly colorful and therefore optically dominant in the room. If you want to bring in more calm, the simplest measure is to turn the books with the book's spine facing the wall, so that only a mixture of beige tones can be seen in the front of the bookshelf." - Viktoria furnishing expert.

More ideas on how to properly decorate your shelf can be found here.

2. More color through textiles

Nothing changes a room as much as one Color change. Here, too, you can achieve a lot with just a few simple steps.

With colored textiles and accessories a completely new feeling of living can be created. This applies to all rooms: a large carpet, new pillowcases or airy curtains can visibly change a room. While muted colors determine the ambience, set accents with dark accessories.

Our recommendation for you:pillowWatch now!

3. Redesign white walls

White walls can be redesigned in no time at all. Color can fundamentally change the feeling of living, but you don't have to paint the entire room. It is often enough to paint a wall to give the room a new look.

But you can also redesign your walls without painting. Instead of wall paint and wallpaper, a large IXXI (2), tapestries (1), mirrors, wall stickers (4) or a picture wall (3) are used. Just three posters are enough for a picture wall. Find out how to hang the pictures correctly here.

The wall design can be rounded off with suitable textiles such as pillows and carpets. More ideas on how to decorate a gray sofa can be found here.

4. Bring life to life with fresh flowers

Fresh flowers Decorative vases should not be missing in any room and breathe life into the newly furnished room.

If cut flowers are too expensive for you, you can Potted plants and arrange them in matching flower pots. While succulents are particularly robust, the violin fig and bow hemp have an air-purifying effect and are particularly practical in the home office and when a lot of time is spent at home.

5. Design the room with new accessories

By Let accessories yourself Change room moods. Bring a clear line to your accessories. Too many colors disturb the picture, but a targeted mix of styles gives the room personality. Differentiated pastel tones in the bedroom appear calm and gentle.

Remodeling rooms at a glance

To redesign the apartment with simple means you should

  • sort out to focus on the essentials
  • create a clear choice of colors and clear structures in the room
  • Relocate and redecorate existing small furniture
  • Set color accents with accessories or home textiles
  • bring life to life with flowers and new accessories

We hope you enjoy redesigning your home!