Will Negan get up after his escape

The Walking Dead Season 6 - Vote who died in the finale!

The writers of The Walking Dead have come up with a nasty cliffhanger for the finale of the sixth season to keep us under suspicion. Since then, the internet has been wondering which character died. Who do you think it hit?

Warning, spoilers for the sixth season finale of The Walking Dead: The finale of the sixth season of The Walking Dead has been causing a sensation since last week. In the last breath of the extended episode, villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) unwrapped his beloved baseball bat, Lucille, and beat a person from Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group to a pulp. However, we as viewers did not find out who it was, as the camera switched to the POV perspective and we therefore had to experience the entire sequence from the victim's point of view.

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The fans were bursting with excitement and some petitioned to reveal the final twist, but not even the stars and producers of the zombie horror series know the outcome of the final. Now that we've speculated who might have died, let's ask you the question: who do you think died in the finale of the sixth season of The Walking Dead?

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