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The developers Dontnod Entertainment took their time with the publication of the second episode of the narrative game "Life is Strange 2" - the first part was already published in September. Was it worth waiting for “Rules”?

Berlin (dpa / tmn) - "Life is Strange" in 2015 was a surprise success. The episode game with hand-drawn images and profound characters was well received by players. The second episode of the follow-up "Life is Strange 2" has now been released.

"Life is Strange 2" (LiS) tells the story of the brothers Sean (16) and Daniel (9) Diaz. A chain of unfortunate circumstances leads to an incident in front of their parents' home. The brothers' father is shot dead by a policeman, who is killed by a mysterious pressure wave. The two brothers flee headlong from their homeland, the city of Seattle on the US west coast. Her destination: Mexico, her father's homeland. The start of a dangerous road trip into the unknown.

Telekinetic Forces

On their journey through a national park, the brothers have to find their way in nature and meet friendly people as well as self-proclaimed concerned citizens who want to hand the two boys over to the police. As if that weren't enough problems, they both notice that Daniel has telekinetic abilities - he can move things through the power of thought.

So that nobody can find out which powers the little boy can unleash, the brothers set two rules: Do not talk to anyone about the powers and only use the powers in absolute emergencies. You don't know who to trust.

Every scene a little work of art

The development time that Dontnod put into “Life is Strange 2” has obviously done the game good. The characters' movements look fluid and very realistic. The representation of the environment is still done in the graphic style typical for the series, which is reminiscent of watercolor drawings. The wealth of detail in the landscapes, however, has been expanded, and light and shadow effects are splendid to look at. Each scene is a small work of art in itself.

Although "Life is Strange 2" is still a very quiet game, it no longer indulges in the meditative moments of pause, in which the character simply stares into world history to a nice song. These short breaks enriched the previous parts enormously. But the protagonists Sean and Daniel are on the run - there is no time for idleness.

There are no major innovations with regard to the control system. As in the previous parts, objects in the area can be examined. Decisions that have an impact on the further course of the game can sometimes be considered longer or have to be made quickly in a tightly defined time frame. In addition, one can interact with the supernaturally gifted Daniel, so that he moves things through the power of thought.

Superfluous decision evaluations

The consequences of individual decisions are interesting. Without anticipating too much: At the end of the episode, they are rated as a percentage and thus indirectly classified as “right” or “wrong”. In a narrative game whose appeal is supposed to be the variety of decisions, this function is very disruptive. It would be better if the developers omitted the decision evaluation for future episodes. So players would just have to face the consequences of their choice.

Music fans will be somewhat disappointed in the second part of the LiS series. Without a doubt, the soundtrack, which is contributed by the band Syd Matters as in the first part, is voiced. However, the musical variety is missing something. The music of indie rock bands like Mogwai, Daughter or Broods had created many goosebumps in the other two "Life-is-Strange" games.

"Life is Strange 2" (from 12 years) is available as a download for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The Seasons Pass with all episodes costs from 39.99 euros.

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