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Germany has been in the Corona crisis for more than a year. The restrictions affect most areas of life of the population: private contacts, sport and leisure, work and professional life and, last but not least, studies and training. But how can I live with these limitations and at the same time stay mentally and physically healthy? How can I manage work and study successfully from my home office? You can find answers to these questions with our tips and advice.

Sport and physical activity: the natural lucky charms

Anyone who thinks about the positive effects of exercise will probably immediately think of weight loss and an improvement in the cardiovascular system. But the beneficial effects of exercise are not just limited to the physical. Because science is unanimous: Sport has a mood-enhancing effect. Thus, it can be considered a natural antidepressant.

In the current crisis, many people find it difficult to motivate themselves to exercise. Group sports have become impossible due to the restrictions. Find someone to take part! Outdoor sports such as cycling, jogging or climbing are more fun for two anyway. Joint physical activity and the setting of joint appointments to do sports are motivating. The fresh air is also healthy for the body and mind. Even a walk in the open air can have a relaxing effect. If you meet the same person outdoors while observing distance rules, this is also justifiable with regard to infection protection.

If the weather is bad or you don't like outdoor sports, you can also train at home with online courses. Whether yoga, fitness or gymnastics, all of this is available free of charge on video platforms such as YouTube. Or you remember the exercises from school sports. How many pushups can you do?

Study Online: Reduce Distraction

Studying online demands a lot from students. TUCed was also faced with challenges due to the switch to online teaching. We strive to make the online seminars run smoothly and, despite the circumstances, to create an atmosphere that encourages exchange and discussions.

One consequence of online studies is that the student's workplace is completely relocated to their own home. As a result, there are a multitude of possibilities for distraction and the boundaries between living and working areas are becoming increasingly blurred. However, you can effectively counteract these disruptive factors. If you can, you should spatially separate the work and sleeping areas. Because working close to the bed or even in the bed can lead to sleeping and learning difficulties.

It may seem tempting to do household chores while working from home or studying online. In the long run this tears you out of your concentration and leads to extra work and stress. It is important that you complete tasks or task packages completely before doing the laundry or cleaning, for example. Ideally, you create a time window for this every day.

It is similar with media use. While it is of course also possible to look at the cell phone at seminars in physical presence or at work, it is not seen as welcome. However, if you study and work online, the only person who can prevent you from excessive media consumption is yourself. Keeping your cell phone switched off for several hours a day may seem utopian to many people. Therefore, it also helps here to consciously create time windows for media use and otherwise to move the cell phone out of your field of vision.

Daily planning is (almost) everything

Since many people spend most of their daily Corona at home, the days seem more and more monotonous and it is difficult for them to motivate themselves for daily tasks. Schedules can be helpful here. It is not primarily about making the task processes more efficient. While this is also a benefit that schedules bring, they create one thing above all else: commitments. If you undertake several tasks for each day, structure them and write them down, it will be easier for you to start and complete them.

Look for motivators

Where can you find suitable motivators to stay on the ball with online studies? The best way to motivate yourself for an activity arises from within yourself: that is intrinsic motivation. But what does that even mean? Activities can be intrinsically motivating if they are perceived as meaningful, interesting and fun. One way to increase intrinsic motivation can be to ask yourself the following questions: "Where can I apply the things that I am learning in my job?", "What are the advantages of this degree for my career?"

Of course, there are also numerous extrinsic motivators. At TUCed, the course has a modular structure and the modules are completed one after the other. The completion of a module means that a new subject area can be started, which ensures a sense of achievement. With every presentation and every written exam you will get a little closer to your goals in your studies.

If you do find yourself at a point where you don't know what to do, then please contact your academic advisor. Depending on your situation, an individually tailored curriculum may also come into question.

Together you are less alone

Do you find it difficult to study beyond the semester or even before the exam? You are certainly not alone in this. The formation of study groups not only makes it possible to gain new perspectives on a problem. Much more, regular, shared appointments create an increased sense of duty. Motivation can also be significantly increased through shared experiences of success, such as solving tasks. Study groups can also be easily organized via video chat and offer you the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students better.

Talk to us

Do you have any questions about the current study situation at TUCed? Then please contact our academic advisors.

You can also receive individual advice on part-time studies at TUCed. The possibilities for studying are diverse and range from courses in (production) management to integrative learning therapy and geriatric psychology to customer management and event marketing. For information, take a look at our social media channels on Facebook and LinkedIn and network with us.

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Text: Aline Mangold

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